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  1. Your accounts age and the reply to Tonk Tomcats suggestion raises a few red flags about this all, but who am I to judge. *goes back to hide under a rock*
  2. I tried the demo of the 2nd one but it's not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to link 1 eyes I found on MP as to what I'm approximately looking for, but couldn't find it anymore and I deleted the demo long ago so can't remember the name either. They looked like robot eyes but I'm looking for more human eyes. But thanks for the suggestion Rowan.
  3. Anyone know any good modifiable mesh eyes that would fit catwa head? I am thinking about eyes that are customisable with HUD to get a fantasy look. Modifiable means able to modify the various parts of the eyes. I think I saw some on forums a while back but forgot to bookmark it and MP search gives me normal eyes with appliers or normal looking eyes.
  4. Edit: Well I tried what KT Kingsley said and it works too. Is it better to script with the key toucherID or just handle the listen event to find the ID of avatar? Follow up: I need to declare llDetectedKey(0) in llDialog in touch_start anyway right? Because when I leave it blank (llDialog("", dInfo, buttons, dChannel);) the dialog wont show. integer dChannel = 0; integer lHandle; string dInfo = "Info"; list buttons = ["Button"]; key toucherID; default { state_entry() { } touch_start(integer num_detected) { lHandle = llListen(dChannel, "", "", "");
  5. Thanks Rolig, it's returning the name now. That's what I get for not completely reading the function wiki.
  6. I have two versions of a script that hides mesh. 1st version shows a dialogue on touch with 2 buttons - on /off. 2nd version is an updated version with a settings button that enables me to tell the script to work on touch for only the owner - me. In both versions theres llOwnerSay function that should tell me who clicked the off button that hides the mesh - the problem is llOwnerSay returns blank in the 2nd version. It returns it like this in chat " Object: took off your clothes" I am not sure why the name is blank in the 2nd version, did I call the function wrong or wrot
  7. How do you make the 2D export not have directional lightning? I got the trial of SP but the 2D export was frustrating me. The 2D export reflected the lightning of the HDR you have selected. So the front was more lit than the back, and if you rotate the environment the more lit area changes. Is there a setting somewhere? Or another HDR? I run SL on ultra settings but when I see nice clothes or objects I disable the advanced lightning, which makes normal maps disappear from mesh and the difference is minimal. I could never make the diffuse map to have all the detail
  8. In case this was it was intented at me. No, I honestly couldn't understand it and the answers helped, saved the replies in case something happens to the thread even,so I am thankful for them. I didn't have a particular issue in mind when I asked, I simply didn't understand what the scripting wiki was telling me. If you were trying to provide some more information, then ignore this comment I can't tell.
  9. Thank you for the answers. It seemed so difficult but I understand now.
  10. I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question but recently got back to scripting simple, but I cant grasp the whole idea about indexes, how to loop some part of script. How do I know where the index comes from? How do I know it's 0,1,2? Does someone have an informative guide? Thanks.
  11. Well, a friend showed me a completely different way to copy weights completely unrelated to avastar. But as long as it works...
  12. Can I have some help here. I download the kemono devkit and on rigging some clothing I'm running into some problems. First, the origin bone is off center. Is this OK? Second, skeleton moves on y axis when copying weights from mesh. The hand mesh completely breaks creating slender man fingers. Applying as rest pose doesn't help. Some bones also move when I try to update the rig version with avastar. I have tried all of the settings. But there is ever slight movement on x axis while the mesh body stays in place. I haven't had issues on a different body. I most
  13. Seems like we aren't getting the sales soon then I did grab the quarterly 2 times before but can't remember how far apart they were. I just can't justify the full price for premium as it is now. If I did the math right at 250L/1$ you'd get around 58$ worth L out of a yearly subscription which is a 100 now I think.
  14. Any idea when or even if we can expect a sale on premium membership? I grabbed my 3 month premium on sales 2 times before they raised the prices. I usually got an email about it and now there's been a long silence.
  15. Summer didn't really feel like summer. Global warming is a hoax! /s No seriously, it was 'hot' for barely two weeks. And by hot I mean over 30 degrees celsius here. I really love swimming, heck even got a pool 4 years back. Got a pool heater this year and it had to run almost every day for at least 10 hours for the water to be tolerable. I swim 5 km a day. For the past summers the temperatures were higher during summer and I miss that. That warm evenings where you can sit outside, hear the crickets and enjoy the night sky. The night temperatures for 2nd half
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