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  1. Thank you!! I managed to make it work! You missed a single " : " in the provided line ...I caught it while reading the debug channel error wondering what I missed. "@tpto":
  2. Hello, I want to create a simple teleporter script for myself using the RLV in Firestorm. My problem is every single time I try the debug channel returns with "failed : (thingy error). I would like to have it TP me to camera position but I can not find how to do it. I thought look_at is a possible, but apparently it is not. There are HUDs available that can do this but I wanted to create my own just for my personal use. Any ideas?
  3. Yes. I checked the viewer edit tools color picker ^^ Its pure white. Is there a treshold of how large a single mesh can be? This particular one I made is 30x30m on the walls. Should I split it in half? I have tried a different texture as you suggested. The result was still dark. Only after changing the "World" values to 3.0 in strenght in Blender produced a kind of good result. The problem is, the baked texture looks overly bright. Do you suppose an overly bright texture would pose a problem, if the texture on mesh looks kind of OK? I realized Second Lifes atmospheric shaders might be the issue because even with texture set to "Blank" which is default white, the inside and outside faces were grey-ish. Only top faces on my mesh are illuminated properly. I think the only way to bypass this is to make the texture brighter.
  4. The UV is called UVMap. Created by Blender. I deleted the original one, created a new one (with the same name by default) and manually unwrapped the mesh. I didnt join meshes. I modeled it from a duplicate of the floor. The floor is a separate object.
  5. I checked and the normals are as they should be. Facing the correct way. I took more pictures so the problem is more visible. I am almost certain the issue is with the SL lightning rendering and my texture, as other textures (from SL library for example) dont look that dark. I noticed that if I rotate my mesh sideways, so the wall face upwards, the color also changes. So it must be the lightning. I baked it in blender and the baked texture color is the same as when I rotated it in world in SL. No idea if its my baking settings (since the source texture is white background color) or what. Didnt have this issue with wearables. I did check and I only have 1 UV map. The one I did manual unwrap for. Tried deleting my manual unwrap UV map - used smart UV project - rebake - reupload. But got the same result.
  6. Hello, I made a simple test building for myself in Blender. I baked the textures and tweaked them a bit in Photoshop. Now when I upload the texture local in Second Life I get a result similar to untextured mesh. It is too dark, the only way for me to actually see it is to set it to Full Bright. Which apparently is bad. Pictures for reference. As you can see on the texture it is white with (badly) applied shadow. The middle line contains faces too, it just turned out white as a whole after uploaded to forums. After applied to mesh in SL, it is gray. I checked the color option, it is set to White. Please dont mind the crappy UV. I overlayed the same faces, same inside, same outside, on top of each other so save space. Edit: If I rotate it so the sides are upwards, the color kicks in and the texture looks normal. Seems like an issue with world lightning?
  7. Reiramon

    Mesh Rigging

    Hello, I made a simple test open shirt with collar. The problem is, after I bind to meshes using Avastar the collar stretches to towards the arm after rotating it. I have tried deleting some of the vertex groups but I can not find a way to make the collar stay in place without not breaking the arm rig. It appears it gets bound to clavicle and upper arm. Are there any tips how to rig collars? Do people use T pose or A pose for mesh creation in blender? Do people bind to mesh or paint the weights from scratch? Do you apply the modifiers AFTER you bind to armature and fit it to body meshes? I found out that if I apply subsurf or multires, its a problem to rig as there is a lot verts. Am I losing my mind trying to figure it out. Any help is appreciated!
  8. Thank you everyone for your time and tips!
  9. Hello! I kind of made a silly mistake and impulse bought the Catwa head Catya. The tiny problem is I cant find any good looking applier which I would like. There is literaly 100s of Kylie Jenner looks, Kourtney K, Rihanna etc.. I am looking for a skin that looks a bit fantasy like, white-ish skin, maybe a bit asian. I have tried a lot of demos, none of which I really liked - mostly from the currently highest sellers but they all look the same to me . I tried google which did come up with some skins Id really like but the sellers no longer exist apparently or are some super rare gachas with no demo. Anyone has any tips? Maybe their favourite creator etc.
  10. Reiramon

    Collada Maya Help

    Thank you! I have not actually checked all the export options and did not see it there! Problem solved.
  11. Reiramon

    Collada Maya Help

    Hello, I wanted to install Collada for my Maya. However I encountered a problem. I have no idea how to install it and spent an hour to find out. I found this https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenCOLLADA/tree/master/COLLADAMaya . I opened the Installation guide and thats where I got stuck. How do I work with this files? Just right click make a copy? It says to copy ColladaMaya.mll into my Maya plug-ins dir but I do not see any file named ColladaMaya.mll in any of those directories on that site. Thank you
  12. thank you Lishajoya..your #1 solution works! i just had to change skin and add alphas /ass everything was reset/. Nalates: It was only my character that wouldnt load and the ground was blurry. Everyone else on the sim loaded just find plus I could walk normally without any rubber banding. Anyways..problem solved - thank you both!
  13. Hello, I have been playing SL for years now, had no problems before. I logged in and I have a problem now. the textures are blurry and my avatar wont load /see attached image/. I tried clearing cache and reinstalling but no help. Does anyone have an idea what is wrong? My internet connection is fast. http://oi61.tinypic.com/30bfi1i.jpg
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