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  1. Hi everyone!  Nyx just pointed me at this excellent thread, and I'll be watching periodically as the Mesh project continues to roll forward.

    As for what information we'll be officially providing, I'll generally document any process or information that is specific to Second Life.  For Mesh, that means I'll be covering things like how to upload a mesh object, how mesh objects will count against prim limits, how the different physics settings will work, and how to get started with features like mesh rigging, etc.

    As you can imagine, I don't have access to a copy of every major 3D modeling package, so documenting the specifics of how to create a 3D model in each program may be somewhat problematic.  However, I do encourage you to contribute your own tutorials and experiences with specific tools!  We could set up a section of the wiki for Mesh tutorials and best practices, and you can keep sharing your experiences here on the forum, too.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you all!

  2. My mistake!  I got a little too clever for my own good while I was trying to sort out the confusing differences between "account verified" and "age verified".  The updated page for Accessing Adult land and content should now reflect the following:

    Under normal circumstances, neither method of account verification should be limited to U.S. only


    You can become account verified (get access to Adult-rated regions) in two different ways:
    • Add payment info to your account.  If you are Premium or have ever bought Linden dollars (L$) you've alread done this. This method makes you account verified but does not make you age verified.
    • Become age verified using the age verification form.  This makes you account verified and age verified.
    Account verification is the one that allows you onto Adult regions and perform Adult searches. Age verification is a separate restriction that individual landowners can use to control access to their land.
    Sorry for the confusion!


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