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  1. We are resurecting the Second Life Bloggers group! We are an in-world social group for chat, parties, access to our in-world group clubhouse/headquarters, and more. If you blog about SL and want to get to know and socialize with more of your fellow bloggers, contact any current group member, including me (see my forum signature for group contact information), for an invitation. Follow us on Twitter!
  2. Who is organizing SLCC 2012? I understand it will be in Boston this year. I'd like to talk to someone about having a session on SL blogging and maybe a happy hour or small party for the SL Blogger Group during the convention. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  3. I formed the group: Linden Homes HOA (which stands for Homeowners' Association) but it is not open or searchable yet. I want to make a group charter and decide what it will be exactly and then announce it on my blog and in plurk and wherever else. I made my husband join so that we have two members until I open it up.
  4. I wish I knew - but I am commenting on this thread just in case someone has a solution. I hate how big it is too.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forums but not to SL. Anyway, I thought it migh tbe fun to start a social group for Linden Home owners (a Linden Home HOA group). We could explore, share prim sparing decorating tips, have parties, yard sales, etc. There are lots of goups in SL and I thought this might be a fun one. Any other Linden homeowners interesting in this type of group?
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