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  1. oh- the hud for my Catwa head has a page to match the head skin to the body and says enter UUID, so I can't do that then.... thanks anyway!
  2. Gregg Torgeson


    How do I find UUID for skin texture?
  3. Thank you Amethyst, We'll have to decide whether its worth it to go through all that. It may be more trouble than it's worth.
  4. How can we remove or limit abilities to members on our group lists if there are over 8000 members-- the names won't show for me.
  5. when i right click on an object -as when wanting to edit- the item itself disappears and all i see is the outline, when editing-- editng vectors are all that is visible.. is there some setting causing that?
  6. are those the the three little orange things (looks like a blank person shoulders andf head) next to the maturity level indicator ? some are shown empty and on the most high traffic places they dont' show at all?
  7. why does destinations window frequently not open?
  8. thanks--- i will try the clean install- I am using latest SL viewer, 3.7.19, but have been having this problem for the past three updates and seems to keep getting worse. I thought when you were on automatic updates they always did a clean install--guess not. - Internet connection is cable so it should be good, hardware has plenty of room and speed- maybe drivers.. always hesitate to update drivers.. sometimes they make things worse! Thanks for the suggestions
  9. every time I right click on a menu item the viewer locks up and cannot exit. Most often when I am doing security and need to zoom on an avatar from the nearby list--
  10. I recently got a new system with a GTX 770- and Win8, both of which SL considers "unsupported", however, it does run fine on ultra settng, and (after inserting the lines In the gpu-table.txt file--- as described in the chart provided above (previous page) for the 700 series cards), I now can run Ultra and all of the advanced lighting options, including DOF- and all seens fine. One other thing I learned here somewhere about the NVidia numbering---- the second number of the series is the oen that indiciates performance where as the first number is the sequence of release-- the
  11. your solution sounds good-- but when I tried to save the new gpu_table it said "Access Denied" wahhhh.. Win8 how to get around?
  12. Oh thanks!! yep I did find it---it was one of my own texutres that i had forgotten to allow copy/mod/tran- ---- thank you for the tips!-- especially the "debug permissions" info!
  13. The sim was restarted yesterday. No one else of the 6 of us is having this problem. I guess the next step is Live Chat. Thanks !!
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