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  1. Hello. I've animated a sword recently and scripted it to only function in one specific sim as a demo for people to try out. This didn't work out since people ripped the animations out of the demo. New ideas for how to script it are to work as a straight-to-attachment object that never enters the inventory, but I'm still left with many ripped animations. I want to have all the animations I've created for that weapon (but not the weapon itself since that was created by a partner) removed from the grid so I can pull control in on the situation. I created them all and not one soul has paid money for any of them so there should be no ethical issues involved. I can reupload them after the fact.
  2. I'll give that a try if I get a chance. In a sudden topic change I have an abundance of people ripping it off now because of the demos I had put out before (the whole not being able to use UUIDs for animations thing). While I want to try the Account-UUIDs at the moment I'm highly concerned about that. I need to have the animations I made for it removed from the grid to start over. But I've never done this before. How do I do this? Who do I talk to?
  3. Okay I tried that. It works well for what it does. But I have one thing that's annoying the bazeesus out of me. Everytime someone clicks the rezzer and makes the object appear I myself get messaged about permissions to attach it. in 5 minutes I'd probably had over 60 messages. This is not a perfect system. It is incredibly annoying. D:
  4. I added this issue to Jira in case anyone wants to help me change this issue. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8162 I'd appreciate any upvotes and comments.
  5. I've suceeded in making scripts people can't use outside of our sim, but some people have tossed the scripts and are just using the animations with new scripts that perform the same functions. I read somewhere that LL made it this way to make animations harder to steal. I just want to point out this is a horrible setup for SL. Imagine how hard it would be to steal a texture if it were required to be put in the contents of an object. A lot easier, right? Exactly.
  6. Whenever I uncheck one of those boxes the other grays out with a check added. I assumed this was the case for everyone for a while now. Besides they could still take the contents into their inventory and then dump the contents from there into a new item. Thanks for replying though. I'll just think of something else.
  7. In a nutshell I want to give a demo item out that only works while in a certain sim. I'm concerned people would merely take the animations from the contents of the freebie however. Can I use UUIDs so the item animates without putting animations into the contents?
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