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  1. I've been trying to get a reliable answer on this myself. Not even SL's staff have given me a common answer. When I ask whether children are allowed outside of G sims the response seems to depend on the personal feelings of who answers (combined with personal anecdotes) rather than the actual stance from LL.

    I've personally witnessed a Linden walking around in a crowded dance club that had at least one child avatar on the dance floor
    I've seen heaps of combat-system and role-play sims in my time that included at least some amount of children as characters without trouble.

    But if I ask what the rules surrounding them are the responses range from child avatars being innately reportable in and of themselves, to everything goes for child avatars as long as the child avatar itself is not participating in (or in the immediate vicinity of) sexual activity.

    So, in all sincerity, if someone has a citation-able answer (i.e. that isn't a projection of their personal opinion of what it should be) it'd help myself and others grasp the parameters of what's allowed.



    Reading through the answers again I find I missed exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you Perrie

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