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  1. There's a level of quality and time creators need to put into the meshes they create. I know, I make mesh templates. For a creator of a kit to say it's your fault.. well it seems appalling to me. I myself have bought meshes that I've been extremely disappointed in, so much so that I decided to make my own. So I know the feeling Tarina. Definitely buy the demo. Always. Any creator that doesn't provide a demo for mesh clothing, in my experience, shouldn't be frequented. As each creator makes the meshes, whether or not they use the standard sizing, there are always differences.. mostly minute, but sometimes dramatic. Always check the demo. As for it not fitting properly on the waist/bust/hips/bottom, there is very little you can do about such things at this time, however that will -hopefully- change when the mesh deformer finds it's way to the general public. There are workarounds right now, though. I, for example, offer custom sizing to avatars, and have done complete sets for stores who chose to cater to their customer bases rather than trying to force them to conform to the standard sizes. What you should expect from full permission mesh clothing is this Tarina: A reasonably well made product that moves well. Even if it requires the use of alpha layers (which they do at times, especially at joints such as the elbow, knee, and hip), the alpha layer shouldn't be noticeable. Problem areas (the shoulder specifically) tend to be harder to deal with. If it doesn't fit, or eats into your body more than a little (with the use of an alpha layer), then it is simply not worth purchasing.
  2. Hey Suki. Up until recently I've included the blend file and .obj files with all of my releases. However, that -has- changed with me. It was pointed out to me that although it makes it a dream for customization, it is a nightmare for me. Because I included the original file (which will remain as such with all of my older releases), creators can easily tweak a few things and resell it full permissions. Thus the change. I now only include the .obj files with my downloads to defer potential loss of income. That isn't to say if a creator asks that I won't provide the .dae files, as I am more than willing to do so for a customer upon request. All I can say, the biggest reasoning for not including .dae files automatically, at least for me, is that anybody can then resell them and call them their own original content since they (the buyer or person who the file shave been passed to) were the uploader. I hope that answers at least some questions you have as to why a full permission mesh kit creator would hesitate to release the link to a full file for better customization.
  3. The problem, I believe, is that you're taking the actual object and putting it onto a hud, rather than taking a picture.. Unless you're trying to have it rez the dress, i don't believe you need copies of the rigged dress on the actual hud. It may help if you explain a bit better what you're doing with the hud and why you have to have copies of the dress on the hud rather than a photograph of a finished textured dress.
  4. I'm thinking that may be a probability at this point, either a follower object, or a second attachment for the skirt, breaking it up into two pieces, one moving, one that doesn't. I am going to try the suggestion after yours, though I did try starting with blanks and painting manually.. perhaps removing all influences except the pelvis and then painting will make the difference. This skirt isn't meant for sitting (from what I understand from my client) but rather it is to be something gorgeous for pictures as she walks down the aisle type deal. Working on this, or a workaround. Thanks for the advice, will update with what ends up happening later
  5. I've been working on a skirt.. Yes I know, the dreaded skirts that seem to be the absolute worst to paint and upload. This one is a particular challenge though, and I'm getting to my wit's end trying to figure out how to do this. Before you say.. look up tutorials, tough it out, practice makes perfect... I've been working on it for 2 weeks, there are no tutorials in regards to long skirt weight painting, and I think I just need a little guidance to get this skirt to do what I want (if it is at all possible). The particular challenge for this skirt comes with the fact that there is a train.. ie it's a wedding dress. I'm afraid to go forward with the modelling of it until I find out if there is even a way possible to do what I'm wanting.. and that is to have no weighting affect the actual train so it sits behind the avatar as if it was being dragged. All of my efforts so far have failed.. and no matter what I've done, I cannot get the back of the skirt not to move. I'm only interested in moving the front of the skirt as she walks, the back is more than amply spacious to allow for any regular motions you'd expect the legs to do without pokethrough. I guess what I'm asking for is help getting this weighting right, even doing empty weighting and painting just on the front hasn't seemed to work and has resulted in very strange distortions. Can someone please give me a hail mary pass here? Alli http://postimage.org/image/cvpwmr4wv/ http://postimage.org/image/s1wi7vdnx/
  6. I had already added two empties for both mFootLeft and mFootRight.. I honestly hadn't had an issue until the past few days. Like I said before, I have successfully uploaded rigged meshes in the past, I'm a noob, but not a total one with regards to mesh.
  7. I have the same issue and I simply cannot figure it out. I followed Asha's tutorials to the T.. and it all works in blender (2.4.9 if you're curious) and yet when I bring it to SL, I have no option for skin weights (see below) http://postimage.org/image/stu5xf3gh http://postimage.org/image/v6pmymsdf I understand your frustrations Jack! I've tried both Viewer 3 and the new Phoenix, and both come up with the same issue. If anyone could PLEASE help, it would be massively appreciated. I'm very eager to see what my meshes look like on the avatar.. actually moving and doing stuff rather than the stiff, statuesque way they are now. As an edit: I have successfully uploaded weighted/skinned meshes in the past, however I am no longer able to, and there seems to be no reason or explaination as to why those two buttons have been greyed out.
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