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  1. FWIW: Izzie has addons that age your mesh *not sure if Bento* head and face. And I would agree that skins play a huge role in mature looks.
  2. UPDATE: Setting hair's texture to alpha masking worked. No fiddling needed. If this situation ever presents itself again, I will thank you silently as I fix it! 😉
  3. YOU ROCK!! Will be trying this now and will post results. Many thanks.
  4. I am having an issue with rigged mesh hair (Truth), Bento mesh head (LeLutka) and mesh body (Maitreya). The hair that is over shoulders or down back causes see-through issue as if there were an alpha layer. This happens with both the underwear and clothing layers on the Maitreya HUD. Does anyone know how to remedy this situation? Screen shot attached. TIA to all that respond. Edit1: More info--wearing the head and body alpha for LeLutka head. If I only wear the head only alpha? Some old skin shows through..how to remove non-mesh skin? I have attempted to take off that skin, but can not. So it is imperative that I wear the body alpha so that old skin no longer shows through the clothing. I think this may be the issue! Edit2: Changed LeLutka alpha to head only and added Maitreya body alpha, SAME ISSUE appears.
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