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  1. Is there a fix for this? Mine has been doing this now for 4 days. I have a 09 macpro with 8 gigs of ram, a HD 6870 graphics card, 27" cinema display and 2-Quad Core Intel processor
  2. Hi Odella, I'm on a mac also and i get that message once in a while but its never caused me any issues.
  3. I own a full estate and a one homestead. Well i should say i pay the owners for them and for six weeks now i have note been able to tp anyone to them. The estate owners say they have had to re-file tickets but nothing have happened. I have a premium account and i pay just for these two sims over $500 US a mo. for them. Not to mention all the other lindens i spend in here. On the full estate sim I've built a halloween sim for halloween but at the rate this going maybe next year i'll be able to open it. So you can see where i think this blog is what a joke?
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