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  1. Thanks! I think I got it!! This is kind of complicated...
  2. How do I attach items to my avatar? I try to drag it but it doesn't work. Can someone help? I really really need to know!!
  3. 한국사람 없습니까??
  4. Is it wrong? It shouldn't even be a question, my friend! Breaking and entering is one of the many sins discouraged by our Lord Jesus Christ. Surely you'd know that if you attended church every Sunday. You should avoid from doing the wrong of breaking into houses. Don't be tempted. Temptation comes from the devil and there is no good that comes from that is there!!! All the best! :robottongue:
  5. Griefing is surely unwholesome. I am usually too busy with church related activities to ever feel as crummy as griefers to purposely exasperate my online comrades. So, I think we need to spread that God-given morality our Lord and saviour shared with us, then maybe people won't purposely exasperate online citizens of the internet community! :smileyhappy:
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