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  1. I had someone I don't know do the follow on my second life profile. I don't like it. It left a creepy feeling. Like being stalked. They should have an option to unfollow too. My SL was small, quite and private. I don't feel like it is now. This makes me not want to log in.
  2. Welcome to Second Life and your newest challenge Rod. And challenge it will be. Muffle the screamers, its their nature, they will scream regardless. Rather listen to the heartbeat. Those who are busy enjoying this magnificent virtual world brought to life by Linden Labs. The toughest challenge in SL is the same as in life. The only constant is change and those who struggle adapting to change cry the river. Latch onto nuance phrases and endless no win debates papering the forums and group chats. ie: Is SL a game? It is. It isn't. The glory of SL is it's ability to be whatever the participant deems it to be, for them. Is SL richer, more vibrant today than yesterday. It is, for some. It isn't, for others. Again, the glory of Second Life. It's personal. It's what we, the residents, make of the opportunity provided us. So welcome to Second Life and its glory Rod. Best of luck and much success to you. Best regards, Jahzera Bulloch
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