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  1. i agree with most of them as well. when i do custom mods, i /always/ have contracts, stating what will be done, how long it will take, more details, and pricing. my mods usually start AT 3K, then go up from there. sometimes, however, i do request the buyer to pay for the uploads. when doing furry mods, you can run up as high as 20 textures. lol PLUS, mesh uploads. but if you just asked the person to make you a skin, and shape....there IS nothing to upload. except the skins components. Head, Lower Body, Upper Body. And if you use mesh hands and feet, textures for those as well. if their making you a mesh body, and it costs that much to upload it be weary. ask for screen shots. ALWAYS. if you are doing custom orders, the maker should not be afraid to show you screenshots of their work in progress. free programs such as Gyazo, make this so easy now! also, when i take screens for customers, i do capture some of my photoshop work space. and progress along the however many weeks its taking me to make the textures or meshes. gyazo can also take 15 seconds of video. great for showing meshes their working on. ive never uploaded a full body, but the upload price sounds horrid, as if they did the work, but didnt take the time to fix it, to where its more compatible, and playable. if this was a mesh body, and not just a system shape, did they make it to go along with the SL mesh? if not, and you buy a new skin texture down the road it may not fit. as for mesh heads. those for hoomans...are A LOT of work. thats hours and hours of work. specially if they are trying to be super specific in features. 12K is not bad for a hooman mesh head. (total cost wise). if this person is being sketchy, you can always back out. if you have not made any contracts, then there is nothing to break. i always get half up front when i start. which is non refundable. UNLESS i simply cannot finish a project, and i dont upload anything at all and is due to my fault. so, either ask for proof of work, and ask them to take a screenshot of the screen that says how much the upload cost IS. if they are asking for a large upload amount. the viewers always give a price! if they refuse to show the exact upload fee, then you are being scammed. and if they claim to not know how to take a screen shot their lying. lol like really, if they can do photoshop, and mesh programs...they take a screen for proof. hope you get this all figured out!
  2. as a long time furry myself....i think the kemono av is WAY overrated...i do have it. i dont like the feet, and the litter girl chest look. and he refuses to make it a fitmesh body with breast and more feet options. so if you want to look normal you HAVE to buy add ons. from other makers. yes its easy to get mods. but do you really want a av that basically looks like everyone else? there are plenty of mesh bodies out now that any furry can use,(providing you get the skin and applier). from maitrya, slink, kitties lair Lena (several there), to the mesh project and more. they all have decent alpha systems in the huds so you can hide the lower legs if you want to were digi lower legs or custom lower legs. go to the furry sims, check out the avatars you like, do some research and even look up some mods. if you see a mod for an av, chances are there is a mesh body applier for it or if not, im sure the creator would make you one. the whole thing with being a furry is exploring which animal, or creature suits you best, then look at your options, from the base avatar, to mods, to body parts, hair, ect. but dont just go with "whats super popular right now".... i myself am a gargoyle. not many in sl like me..i use mesh bodies from time to time, or i just use mesh breasts...but my av is a mix up from many different av parts put together and self made mods. i do make custom mods as well for others from time to time. OH! i also wanted to mention, if you like a lil more "fluffy" look, uLucky just released a body. was a update for the ghetto booty, i love it cept for the breasts...not big enough for me. i also use the milkmade system...so um yea....but hey got any more questions feel free to look me up in world. i do even have a store with some freebies under the same name as here Chiyoiche Toshi. I do also have the free box of avatars for new furries.....though they are OLD. no mesh, all sculpted or prim parts....their a decent starting point to play around with and get a feel for if you like wearing just the furry parts and system skin, or trying them on with a mesh body demo and going from there. Thats the fun thing with SL, and being a furry, or any type of av to be honest. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many choices! the options are pretty limitless! your only real limiter is you and your wallet. anywho, i hope this helped! and welcome to the furry world.
  3. hello! i wear the mused system myself (lvl 10!)...but its quite easy if you have some time and the prim space to make it work. set out a copy of the mused breast. then ctr/alt/t to see transparent prims. go into edit mode, make sure you have it selected to edit linked, then select the breast prims, and unlink, and then do this with the shirt, and bra layers. basically any boobies shaped prims.***now take a copy of the system into your inv for safe measure*** now go back to the now breast-less system, and remove the script inside, that controls the SIZING of the breasts. this way when you wear the milking system, when the full/engorged states wont look offsized when wearing your other breast. now, for the other brands, the non fitted, it was easy to link the system and fit them together with your main boobs with the sizing removed. but unfortunately. unless lolas has changed it, their clothing layer channels are on the same channels as the mused system. (when linked together) causing the entire system to show on shirt changes ect. i would also advise to remove the mused nipple jewelery if you are comfy with messing with smaller prims. once you now have the system, is very important to rename it before you take a copy so you know its the system only. now, wear your favorite boobies, and add the milking system. i suggest, have the teets show to try and line them up with your tangos nipples.and if you have a enough milk, go ahead and pump and adjust the size of the system manually. you will need to edit linked prims to adjust the breast side straps if you keep them. i even use this with the new fitmesh breast from lolas and works great. i hope this helped. fee free to poke me in world if you need help. and welcome to the milking club!
  4. as a submissive (collard for over a year now with my Mistress), myself i agree with AnnaMarie. a true Domme, would not expect something like nude pics right upfront to prove submission. those type of things are what you would expect from a person who wants to pretend their a Dom for a couple nights to get out their sexual kinky dinks. if you were truely searious, and wanting a REAL submissive, you would want to get to know a potential sub first. i dont know many subs, REAL ones who be so willing to send those types of things to someone they just met. let alone, not even with a collar of consideration, or any type of real agreement. the only subs who would send you such things would be ones who did not know any better. i am so tired of seeing new subs pulled into this type of crap. when i was a new sub, i fell for some things too. but even as i have been one for a long time now, i am still learning and growing, thanks to my Mistress. i seariously hope a new sub does not fall for this. but if you ARE searious, about be a Domme, maybe you should post a bit more about yourself, and what you can offer as a Domme. instead of putting out orders. not trying to be disrepsectful of you if you are a real Domme...but the way you come off here, does not sound legit, or sounds like you may be new to it...(in SL at least). perhaps try maybe joining some D/s group sims in SL, learning and meeting folks, and maybe you will find what you are looking for.
  5. i am a furry. and always have been. i RARELY use any human/neko form. and if i do, its for ads, or particular shopping event sims to keep scripts down. im a gargoyle..i know not the most common. and thats ok. i gave up myself trying to find an rp sim who accepts me. even myth sims...and its usually because im purple, and have peircings. heh. but i find if im allowed to stay, the rules are i have to run around naked.... -___- because a true myth creature wouldnt be wearing clothes...but yet the fawns, and or demons get to wear clothes. the sad part is, that their are discriminations, in no matter what avatar one uses in just about all rp sims furry,and non furry.. like, i cant even /look/ around gorean sims...and which is sad, because the makers usualy make such pretty forests. but a furry appears on the landing strip, and an officer is there saying if u dont leave in 15 seconds you will get banned. even, if im not interacting with the persons...just meerly /looking and and admiring/ the sim. the problem with alot of people trying to pigeon hole many furries, and the fact that i think bothers them the most, is that its simply hard to place many furries in a single category. it would be impossible. some are part time fur, some are full time like me.some have entire stories, and years worth of storylines to back up their fursona, and some are furries because they simply like the avatar. and thats ok. some are flat out mean to furries, because of what we have on....but if you look at the people that are simply mean to a person for what they have on, chances are their not mean to just furries. their mean to everyone, or persons not like them. and yes, many furries act the same way. no, media hasnt helped really at all either. most furries in the media get portrayed as this big disney animal costume-esque wearing weirdo, who spends all their time on the costume, or acting like the animal, or that furries are all gay perverts. its simply not true. we all dont do this. or some call it simply a "fetish". for some it is, but some, its not really fetish, but to what a person relates to. people who bash furries, normally bash other other types of things they dont like that are outside their normal bubble. i cant tell you how many times ive been harrassed for beeing who i am in sl.most of the time, it little things. but then some can go as far to the point of where its actually hurtful. getting a death threat, because im a purple gargoyle...shouldnt even happen....or to anyone. no one should be harrasing anyone. i think people sometimes in sl, forget that despite what a person looks like online, we are all still human on the other end. and descrimination hurts. no matter who you are. you just have to keep looking in sl to find the right rp sim that fits you. its hard sometimes, but they are out there. if you want to stay furry all the time, stay furry all the time. you shouldnt have to switch to human just to sim hop. i myself, refuse to change. if a person in sl cannot accept me, as i am, then i can move on.i shouldnt have to be a human,demon, lycan, vampire, or in somthing im not comfy being in just to be able to stay on a sim. and besides, why would you want to stay on a sim, where they only like you for what avatar you have on? be youself int he avatar you choose to be in. you will find it, or it will find you........and in closing...oh my i typed a book! if you read all this cheers to you!
  6. good luck...but you might get more responses if you type it as Mistress....most may not read it because of the lower cased m, unless they are looking to train. but, anyway, good luck in your search.
  7. i suggest unpacking a new copy too. (yes im a fury...long time one. ) the hair should not have done anything to your shape at all. sounds like a griefer tool for newbies ect. even if you have all your prim parts where you want them, just try on the fresh unpacked shape. i make shapes for furry too. if you need more help you can feel free to poke me in world (same name), i can try to help you. even if you used a new shape, made for furry, it should not have went wonky when the hair was put on. if the eyes are seeminly pulled back or stuck into your head, try putting on a fresh pair of eyes from the main box. OR...if your ocd like, you can remove you head, and hair, and edit them, pull them out, and reset their scripts, and then move them back into place, one at a time. always, always, make sure you have backups of your favorite shapes, before trying on hair, new attachments, basicly anything. there are a lot of malicious people out there....and as well many server bugs atm screwing things up left and right. but try as suggested. if it still doesnt work, or your flailing, (i do it A LOT) lol....poke me in world. good luck! **edit...ok so im way ocd when making helpful replies.... LOL....just put on new eyeballs, and see what happens.
  8. I'm a furry.....but wont be joining. You might get better responses if you didn't refer to us after a cheesy Blitzen Trapper's song.... .... That, and I hate when people use 'z' in place of 's'. Though from this spelling you sound like a young teen, so not sure how many adult furries are going to join....but good luck anyway.
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