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  1. I am looking for 1024 mainland grass parcel. I want to spend 2.5k at the most. Please let me know if you have any for sale, that are cheap, and preferably not in a crowded area.
  2. They will take auctions before you can react. So shameful. Please let me have some land....I am so upset that I lost an auction I now wonder is buying land in sl even worth it. I will not pay alot like 5000 for a 1024 parcel. I will pay like 3500, but why. Should I allow you to charge so much more. I have no interest in spending a lot for a mainland parcel. Especially when ll charges I only 500 for a 1024. So, I think it's not fair or cool to rob newer players of that opportunity. I hope you have some remorse for that.
  3. the lena perky is my fav imo! one of the best omega bodies out there! heres a demo for you to try https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KL-Lena-Perky-Body-Demo/6290591
  4. everyone else has said it, you look and act like a noob, and you will be seen as a noob! that said anyone can get great clothes for cheap, but omega appliers aren't usually included. so i tend not to go for cheap, unless omega friendly items are included. this is one of my looks. 
  5. any heads on the marketplace that will match lindsey stirling? i would love to make such an avi!  i would love such an avi, but i don't know of any heads that would look anything like such. 
  6. nice to know i'm not alone. i do like futas,and girls.....but guys are boring, of course i am one, so i am looking for the other.
  7. hi all... my name is officerwestbury resident and i am loving SL. it's seems however that love doesn't = no crashes. I have been crashing alot in sl lately.... and through some searching decided first to clear my cache, short term fix, within an hour or so...boom, crashed! then i looked a bit more, and found this thing called render volume. first i turned it off, that made sl bare, then i searched, and found an atricle from 2011 about changing render voulme, under rendervoulmelod in debug. i decided to try changing the render volume value to 3.5 as i had try other things, and no avail. the ki
  8. wanted, someone to make a sam browne lapd belt, and lena perky cop outfit. exc
  9. i can't seem to get omega applies to work with the lena perky, and i even have LNL's conversion kit.....any help would be appreciated.
  10. not lolas, not maitreya...... use kitties lair lena perky..... the only body i trust, and one that supports slink hands and feet! yea lolas has more clothes, but lena is better looking! lena does need head, hands, and feet to be bought. however, the body is just too good at 800-900L$
  11. what is the best furry avi body, interms of price, features, textures, and attachment options? i would need one that could wear mesh clothes, and be nice looking!
  12. so pink fuel skins work? anyway, yeah, very clear... you will need full body to use skins, but it is worth it to buy! very lovely, bigger than standard avi, more to it than most, as an omega system body many clothes could work, some don't. your outfit will need lena appliers.... also you do need a mesh head; lena hands, and feet,. it does sound like u have that! but yeah, buy it, use it, enjoy it. i don't regret the purchase. and is cheaper than slink or similar, and takes slink hands and feet! i am just saying... demo is ok, but real deal is worth it!
  13. do any cobra outfits from gi joe exist anywhere in SL? anywhere at all, or do i have to have one made for me? i would most like a mesh trooper outift for Lena Perky body!
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