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  1. I have almost 300 items listed as unavailable since I picked up my magic box. I cannot check the bulk action checkboxes and it takes about a full minute for the "Yes, Delete" Dialog to complete. There needs to be a way to obliterate these items from inventory How about a DELETE ALL UNAVAILABLE button?
  2. I'd love to see if what I suspect is true. There are more bots, less paid accounts, and far far less money being spent.
  3. Where is this "Adult Hub" of which you speak? It's not listed under that name in search.
  4. We have a long list of hot dancers, but they only hang around for so long with no clients. >>and advertise it. How? This is what I am asking. I mean how do you get the word out without getting banned everywhere for spamming? As I said, we're using events, classifieds, and the search engine. What else should we be using? As for Euro Events that's a good idea. If we all wanted to be up a 3AM every day.
  5. Thank you so much for your swift answer... And I must admit that my club offers the same promotions that other clubs offer, but other than ads that offer free money, or big prizes (which draw the wrong kinds of crowds) we can't seem to get the message out. Of course the lack of clients is leading to empty poles, and that means the end. I guess we need to get a staff full of DJs but we've had a hell of a time even getting them to show up for work. Sorry - I'm venting a bit.
  6. This is getting wierd. I work in a strip club, and they place events, advertise in classifieds, and use "seo" to get the word out about the club. Yet most days it's 4 dancers and few clients. They bought a bletaverse traffic cone, but coneys come and refuse to interact with the dancers... Every day, random people show up and don't even repspond when we greet them. What are we missing here in terms of getting the word out? What are we doing wrong? What works for you? Or is the Stripper/Escort business just over in SL?
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