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  1. "Facebook users who reasonably believed that their images and content would not be used for commercial purposes without their consent will now find their pictures showing up on the pages of their friends endorsing the products of Facebook's advertisers," the letter says. "Remarkably, their images could even be used by Facebook to endorse products that the user does not like or even use." Interesting stuff in the NY Times blog. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Perrie Juran. The new ToS applies retroactively to all images uploaded to Second Life? Or only to images uploaded after September 6?
  2. I've had this problem for about a week. No group notices after going offworld for over 12 hours. I belong to 36 groups. I can look up group notices manually and see that I have not received them. Several people have told me that they are experiencing a similar problem.
  3. Whatever happened to support? Bring them back. I miss 'em. Java chat is still there to reboot the sim when your av becomes a ghost in the machine. But just try to get any kind of response to a ticket. Or just try to complain. There's an obscene photo in Maia (an M sim) that's fifty meters in length and fifty meters in width. It needs to be moved to Zindra. I complained. It's still there. I had to move. I wouldn't keep my gallery next to that filth.
  4. Where can I go to buy dental floss for my avatar?
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