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  1. so, without an AO on i noticed that the default animation set there seems to be a "banking" or turning effect when changing directions while flying, as you can see in this gif https://gyazo.com/7b276c9b482caf9123fbfeb3c5a5cf43 however, i don't think this is an actual animation as i can't find it in documentation anywhere. how do i preserve this behavior in an AO? it looks a lot more natural that way
  2. selling my premium tier land. theres a bunch of businesses nearby so maybe a good place for a store http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nautilus%20-%20Elissa/224/140/23 yeet
  3. *sigh* alright, now they're back. Thanks for the help.
  4. Someone told me about Virtual Highways so I downloaded it. What is seems to be, is a grid of it's own, but with a viewer that EXACTLY mimics an earlier version of SL. It's not a third-party viewer for SL though, on it's website and everything it claims to be a world of it's own and doesn't mention Linden Labs or Second Life anywhere. It even has a currency of it's own, V$. But I'm pretty sure they copied the code from a previous viewer of SL. You can even see they forgot to change "Second Life" to "Virtual Highways" in some places, like: in the graphics options there is an option to "Run Second Life in a window". My question is, is this illegal or what?
  5. All of a sudden, all of the listings for my items on the Marketplace are gone! I checked the Magic Box and the listing section on the merchant home, and the items themselves are still there, but the liststings for them aren't. My store is now blank. Please help me, I really really don't want to have to go back and manually re-make every single one of my listings.
  6. I always look at the picture before I upload it, though, and it looks good then. It's when it goes onto the Marketplace that it gets messed up. --||-
  7. For some reason I can't see, some of my pictures for products on the marketplace are much better quality then others. Some are blurred and pixellated. I've tried everything- switching picture format, size, compression, ect, and I can't figure out what makes the difference! Can anyone explain it for me?
  8. So I need a shape that looks like this: (it's flat) and I was trying to see if there was anyway to do it with the typical "prim torture" things, you know, twist, hollow, whatever. I've tried a lot of things but I'm still not sure if it's possible and I really don't want to make a sculpty because then it can't be flexi. Has anyone seen a regular prim like this?
  9. I also have a hard time with being too nice to people, some noob with no money with come up to me in a sandbox and say something like: noob:"nice skin where'd u get it" me:"I made it" noob:"can I have it" me"ok" And I end up giving hundreds of lindens worth of stuff to strangers cause I just can't say no!
  10. Building a crappy pair of wings as a newbie (they were like 100 prims) and swooping around a sandbox asking people to buy them (no one would have bought them even if they were free).
  11. Looking for someone who can sculpt me a spear. I have reference photos you can use. The payment will be negotiable. Also, I will remember your name and may contact you for other jobs in the future. If you're interested IM me or drop me a notecard (Ellie Oddenfen) inworld.
  12. I'm making a dragon avatar, and I'm trying to make some sort of a way for another avatar to ride on the dragon avatar. I originally had a riding poseball that followed the dragon avatar, but it didn't stay in place properly. Is there anyway to do this accurately?
  13. Well. I am an idiot. Thanks for helping.
  14. I'm very new to scripting. I'm trying to make a script that will have the object become fullbright when you step on it, and then go back to normal when you're not stepping on it. So this is what I have: default { state_entry() { //do nothing... } collision_start(integer x) //when bumped { llSetPrimitiveParams([ llSetPrimitiveParams ([PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,ALL_SIDES,TRUE]); } collision_end(integer x) { llSetPrimitiveParams([ ([PRIM_FULLBRIGHT,ALL_SIDES,FALSE]); } }  And when I try to save it it always says (11, 46) : ERROR : SYNTAX ERROR What the heck is a syntax error and how do I fix it?
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