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  1. The 2k rule seems to go way too far. It's as if LL was saying "if we don't make it, you can't use it." The point of using third party viewers is to have features that the official SL viewer lacks. Oddly, the official SL viewer upgrades mimic many of the added features given to third party viewers. The rule seems like a transparent mens for SL to ban third party viewers, since no new features can be added to it. This guarantees that the official SL viewer will be the most advanced viewer, not because of the coding work of Linden Labs, yet by hamstringing anyone else from developing new ideas.
  2. Please allow me to digress a bit. In Colorado, prisoners were allowed to work as telemarketers. It was sold as teaching prisoners workplace skills while funding the state as the telemarketing companies paid the state for such work. The companies loved the idea because they could pay the state and the prisoner a fraction of what it would cost to pay a minimum wage worker. People complained that it was a bad idea, many politicians even said it was a bad idea. Yet the companies and the state of Colorado assured everyone that prisoners will be monitored, no fraud will happen as financial informa
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