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  1. No, its not the triangle. I changed doors to one I knew what the bounding box was and its still doing it.
  2. I built a mesh house all linked and I placed scripts in the doors. When the door is touched the camera moves making it appear like you were bumped. I tried changing scripts and its still doing it. I changed the doors and its still doing it. I'm so confused, I've never had this happen before in one of my builds.
  3. I can log into SL just fine but when I try to log in to the beta grid it tells me that my password is incorrect. I can log all my alts in to SL and in to the Beta Grid. Just not my main account. I used Firestorm and the SL viewer to try to log in. I even selected the Aditi region.
  4. I'm looking for a particle script that would look like dust in the air for a old house.
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