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  1. Greetings if your seeing this you've come to see the latest venture for apex shift a up and coming commissions and game design studio were currently seeking employees to work and grow with us as we work in secondlife and real life we have a lot of openings for various job positions that are open to any skill level as we want people who will join us and grow as a family supporting and communicating together, The main goal of apex shift is to design video games both inworld and in reality now i'm sure your wondering if this gig pays well at the time of writing this we currently don't have a way to roll out pay checks but all employees will get a faith payment of 100 lindens for joining us in our work and whatever you make yourself will be yours to sell as it should be. We have lined up a game engine called the neoaxis to design our video games at first its free to download and is a must is you intend to join us. Positions: Were not taking just one of each were hiring for more then one person so if you see someone take a position don't fret. Animator : Must know the basics of rigging and animating as to work with character designers and object modelers. Character designer [modeler] : Must be able to view concept designs and transfer them into 3d models. Script and coding technician : Must have knowledge in one or more of the fallowing: C+, API, LSL, Java, Modeler : Must be able to submit objects and assets that are based on concept designs. Writer : Creative writing for games and stories like lore. Sound engineer : Create sounds for products and games. {Requirements} Have at least one sample of your work to show us or link us your store page for references. Must devote one hour to work (more hours would be nice but we don't want to push) Must communicate with other members of the development team to let us know how your doing both work and personal were here to help each other. Contact: kit blackheart for interviews
  2. Hello I'm Kit blackheart one of the main artists of Ninjenx powered by Coldfusion, I'm currently looking to expand my horizons in my free time(And put my skills to the test) with a few filming projects rather it be a long time partnership or a simple one time filming and am ready to begin ASAP pending the size of the project and the like. All finished projects are placed on the ninjenx youtube page as it's my Secondlife awereness page for all Pro SL Machinima and is done so very quickly due to the constraints on my current work computer, While it should be noted its not in anyway bad enough to hurt short to mid ranging films. Also note voice acting is not included with my work at this time, Anyone wishing for voice work in there project must (sadly :<) provide me with actors/models/monsters who have working knowledge of recording programs and can use dropbox to get there voices to me for input into the main work piece. If you have a raidcall group voice sessions can be done claerly. Pricing normally is not my favorite part of working but i normally ask a series of questions to determine a end price depending on the complexity of the project and the funds available to the person/persons in questions, I do work for free on some projects i feel warrant not compensation Programs: Photoshop Fraps cam Magix Fruitlyloops Raidchat/TS3 Most recent works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMdtM7FvZAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YO1BobzV3s4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBgiSbEnkPY
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