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  1. The group owner has given us managers the ability to check the group for open enrollment. But when we put a check mark in the box to open it for open enrollment and click Apply it unchecks itself. WE don't have this problem on any other groups we are a manager on, just the one.
  2. So am I to understand to be able to add to the market place more items I have ot use LL viewer? If that is true then I am doomed as my computer can't handle it and also i hate the LL viewers. I use Singularity. I do like being able to move in SL.
  3. Great, just what I need, more work. I think I will just close up shop and stop messing with the marketplace.
  4. The ability to see who is online is important to me. If this feature is taken away then my Online boards for my business or for knowing who in the clan available to be paged to help someone becomes just useless expensive garbage. I don't like the idea of loseing all that money to get the items I need to run things smoothly taken a away. i call this stealling from me in reality by LL.
  5. How do you list land forsale in the marketplace?
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