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  1. Guys and Gals, I just need a the high quality on Ultra settings photos. Nothing else as I have photoshop and can take it from there. The location can be your place or a sandbox as I have a green and blue screen I can rezz. *** It must be close to the image sample I shared with you above. I've seen many photos on ultra settings and it does not come close to the photo. You should know how to use your viewer settings. Hopefully have have a pretty good graphics card like a Nvidia GT or higher ( or equivalent) That is the most important part if you have a good graphics card. For example my built in intel graphics card on ultra settings WONT even touch a Nvidia on min settings.
  2. Hi guys, I'm on a lapto with a crappy graphics card and only 4 gig ram so that should tell you where I stand with quality photos.... I'm looking to hire someone who can do photos like this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Horo-SupermotoXL-Cyborx-CD-100-XL-GT-RTR-18-Land-Impact-only/3635854 (sorry not meant to be an ad for them but only to show quality images in world) I'll need some snaps for my facebook page and blog, can you let me know of prices for 30 mins
  3. Sorry I did not know the price since a lot of packs on marketplace with over 12 poses are like only 300L's to 500L I think I'll be better off buying something like Puppeteer script and just spending a little time. Thanks
  4. HI I need to find or pay someone to make these types of poses which will be showcase products. Something like this http://www.cartoonsolutions.com/store/catalog/PowerPoint-Pose-Packs-sp-99.html I'm finding it hard to find some of these indicually on markeplace and will to pay 5k fo 25 pose set or 10k for 50. I goal is to have these poses with my avatar and take it into photoshop so I can make it look like I"m showcasing a product. Please respond if your willing to do this
  5. Hi I recently switched my internet service provider to a unlimited plan. My old provider I had no problems with SL. Now that Im with a new one, everthing works but SL. I get a DNS error. My NEW isp uses or (resells my olds providers cable lines) all they had me do was switch modems. I've tried resetting the modems and router and computer.
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