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  1. Hey Spyke. Our issue was that we didn't even get to that loading box. The process would end even before that. So I think your issue is a little different than ours. The teamviewer quickconnect button is a mod to all Windows. Next to your standard minimize/maximize/close buttons, a new QuickConnect button would show up. That was the cause of our issue. I'm not sure if you have any shell modifications installed or not. But if ya do, try disabling them and see if you have any results?
  2. Actually, by browsing the JIRA: I found the source of the problem: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-25887 You probably have Teamviewer installed like me. I tested this out and it worked. 1- Open up Teamviewer 2- Click Extras -> Options 3- Click Advanced, then Show Advanced Options 4- QuickConnect buttonConfigure 5- Uncheck "Show QuickConnect Button"
  3. I have the same exact problem as well. I am well above the requirements as well. I can run any viewer other than ones based on V3. Process shows up for a bit then disappears. Tried LL support but to no avail. We should create an issue on JIRA for this I think.
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