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  1. I live Viewer 2 because it's the most compatible with SL obviously, it's the fastest (if you have a semi recent computer) and the sidebar gives me everything I can do in one place. The only 2 things I can't stand about Viewer 2 is the chat and the notifications. If they could make it more like Phoenix and have it all in one window with vertical tabs and have the notifications like Phoenix too (lindens spent, etc..) I'd use it. However, since I use chat most of all, I can't use Viewer 2.
  2. I love all the new enhancements you guys are making. Now, I actually like Viewer 2 for the most part as it's stable and rarely crashes, unlike Phoenix and the other 3rd party viewers. However, the whole chat and notification system pretty much sux. If they can design the chat like the old Emerald or the current Phoenix/Imprudence/etc.... system, that would be great. All my chat in one window, with vertical tabs. And popups for notices (group notice, L$ paid, etc....) or at least another tab in the chat for the notices, that would be great.
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