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  1. Hi, Can somebody tell me how to set up my Marketplacestore to receive an IM/email each time when a review is posted on my Marketplace store? Many thanks for your help
  2. Hi Since the last Marketplace update, my Linden balance is no more updated inworld when I make sales on the marketplace. Only after I relog I see the correct updated balance, or when I receive an inworld money transfer. Does anyone know if this is an isolated problem or if is this just another bug of the latest Marketplace software? Is there anything I can do to fix this? I use PHoenix and Phoenix Firestorm - are these issues related to the use of those alternative viewers? Many thanks for your feedback.
  3. Well, I supposed that it was not legal to upload copyright protected music, I hoped to get an answer HOW to do it correctly. Of course I know that it is not a good idea to do like all those who do not mind, otherwise I would not have posted the question. WHY to upload music to SL? Well what about sharing music with those on SL, who cannot hear what you have on your computer? Perhaps there is another creator who already found out how to deal with the question without violation of Copyright? Perhaps to get registered somewhere?
  4. Hi Aribeth, I had the same problem not long ago, wrote a ticket to Linden, explained the problem and they settled it. Try to do a ticket, I suppose they have a possibility to take off the flag when it was not justified.
  5. Hi I have started to upload to SL popular songs for my private use, for which I have purchased the CD, converted to MP3 and then to SL format. 1) Is it legal to upload those songs converted to SL sound format, because I have bought them RL with the CD if I use them only for me? 2) Is it legal to resell those SL sounds which I have created or is there any copyright procedure to be respected? 3) I have found on the Marketplace full perm sounds of songs which are under RL-copyright (eg songs from Rihanna, Madonna etc). If I purchase those full perm songs do I have the right to resell them inside my creations or would it be considered as resell of stolen content if the Marketplace sellers do not pay copyright fees to the artists? Thanks for your help
  6. Hi Bee, your reply was helpful, as it confirms that there is no mistake on my side. Does anybody know how it is possible to pass the request to Linden and ask to improve that? I had a look on the Jira, but it seems more about bugs than possibilities to improve existing features which work, but do not offer enough service. What can I do to get better managment of my Marketplace sales? Have features to sort sales by item, and to get a list of all customers who bought one specific item with the possibility to send it again to all customers? Other features which existed on the xstreet like a view of daily sales, or statistics about items viewed and sold/day are no more existing either and were quite helpful. I suppose other creators are regretting the lack of those options ans well, and if there is any blog where I can subscribe and add my request to the list of existing suggestions I would be pleased to know where I can find it.
  7. Hi, Does anybody know how to sort the order reports of the new Marketplace by item? This was an existing feature easy to use on the previous xstreet, but I cannot find any option to get a list of all customers who bought the same item in the new marketplace. Sure you can download the Csv-file and sort it in exel, but I would prefer to be able to do it right on the marketplace, more pratical when you resend a new copy to all customers who purchased one item. Anybody has a clue how this works or is no more possible, which would be a pity? Thanks for your feedback if you have an hint for me.
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