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  1. Will there please be plans to add additional materials in the future? That or get this right the first go around? The ability to make shiny transluscent items would be a godsend for jewelry makers, as well as glass for buildings, furnishings, etc. Please don't keep those two things mutually exclusive.
  2. I've been waiting on the Deformation tool. I've got a realistic, but nonstandard shape in SL, and I don't want to have to give it up just to wear mesh clothing. I also don't want to design to a 'standard' size. Currently, to fit in one spot, it is too big or too small in another spot. This isn't really acceptable to me. I'll stick to designing non clothing mesh items as well, until I can know that one size fits most [ which ought to be the case for most types of clothing].
  3. Or is that magical music? Join me at DJ Stage 2 (http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL8B%20Incredible/6/6/22) on Tuesday, June 21st, at 6 am until 8 am for an eclectic mix of music ranging from the 30s until somewhere closer to today. Warning, maybe an excessive amount of music from the 60s.
  4. Thanks, I relisted the items since there isn't a reason for them to be flagged, but I'd like to know why. It could be anything from me having done something wrong accidentally to someone griefing me, So, now, to figure out how to file a ticket... What a day.
  5. A few of my listings were flagged for keyword spamming. Since I only used words that were specifically applicable, I'm not really sure why. Who flagged them, why were they flagged, and why were others of the same products in different colours or individual pieces not flagged?
  6. Aribeth Zelin wrote: ... If you do something for fun, it is a game ...And if you are spending time in SL for any other reason then fun, then you ought to consider going back into RL, just because its not supposed to be specifically fun ... I'm stunned. Then, SOCIALIZE is a game for you? Because one (not only) of my main reasons for being in SL is socialize, socialize seriously, not socialize as a game. Did you ever play house a child? School? Cowboys and Indians? Was the socializing you did as a part of it any less serious because you were playing pretend? Were your friendships any less real? What about playing poker with your friends, or monopoly? Was the socializing any less real for it being over a game? And if you are hanging out at clubs, be they real or virtual, isn't the whole flirting thing a game? Even if you aren't interested, its a game of parrying the pickup lines of someone else. Its fun, its a game. It doesn't make the socializing any less real for it. So, yes, socializing is a game, its part of a game. But Romag is right, its kind of pointless to keep arguing it because everyone wants to think what they do is srz even if what someone else does isn't.
  7. SL is NOT a game. It doesnt have levels. It doesnt have points or scores. It doesnt have winners or losers. Well, it definitely has losers but thats a different topic Games do not have to have levels, they do not have to have winners and losers. In any other sandbox type environment its a game. There are no levels in a MU at least not the more sandboxy ones, like mucks and mushes. And there are not real levels in games like the sims, and since you're not playing with others in those, certainly no winner. Just because it doesn't fit some people's notion of what a game -is-, doesn't make it not a game. If you do something for fun, it is a game, even if its bouncing the ball for your dog, or wiggling a wand with a feather boa on the end for your cat - those are certainlt games without levels and winners. And if you are spending time in SL for any other reason then fun, then you ought to consider going back into RL, just because its not supposed to be specifically fun.
  8. Actually - Second Life -IS- a game. It might be a sandbox game, and it might involve legal inworld RMTs and it might be taken entirely too seriously by some folks, but at the end of the day it is NOT real, it is a game, nothing more. It is simply the visual extention of games like Muds, mucks, mushes, moos. It is a MMO extension of games like Simcity and the Sims. That said, I sure hope that this doesn't end up leading SL down the Sims3 path. More sandbox is better than less. And my one complaint with the sims lately is that it plays more like a goal oriented game. And I know mr Humble was in charge of the franchise when it changed directions.
  9. What about making the prims possibly go smaller as well as larger? Also, I really wish there was a non-viewer 2 option for viewers. I want to play with meshes, but not badly enough to install that.
  10. As someone who plays or has played a lot of those virtual worlds, most folks who do not play SL think very poorly of it already. It already has a bad rep for all a variety of things. This is just yet another straw that is likely to contribute to breaking the camel's back. If not for my friends and investment of resources into items and such, I suspect I'd be elsewhere by now, perhaps trying to figure out how to set up an OS sim. It is so hard to think that LL cares about even their own business at this point. So many bad decisions points to either stupidity or an attempt to sabotage a business. I'd almost prefer stupidity but SL was not the brainchild of stupid people.
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