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  1. I'm so ready to get out of my camper! Hope something is open soon...
  2. I'm selling my parcel in Bouraq. I'm asking 10,240L$. As the title suggests, it opens into Linden-protected water and backs up to the Linden-protected roadway. Will NOT subdivide, but I am open to reasonable offers. I'm not inworld much during the week because of RL, so drop me a NC in case my IMs cap if you have questions. Bouraq (118, 248, 26) is location.
  3. FMSL. missed it again. This is a pain. You all have a TON of patience.
  4. Thanks! I appreciate the info. I've been refreshing like a mad woman. One day. lol
  5. DANGIT!! SO CLOSE! All the way to the end, and it wasn't available.:(
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