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  1. Ahhh, fair enough. Thankyou Karen, that would potentially explain it, thanks heaps for that info, I'll keep an eye out for when that is marked as resolved. Hopefully that will fix things up.
  2. Thankyou for your reply Amethyst, I have indeed already called the lab and they have lodged a ticket with a technician. Unsure of how long this process normally takes I thought I might see here if anyone has any ideas on what may be the cog in the works so I could change something and get it all working as usual sooner. I may perhaps be overlooking something, or there may be a current known problem I am unaware of.
  3. I have premium on my main account and have for a while. I was purchasing premium subscriptions on 3 alts I have seeing as there is the 50% off premium for the first quarter atm. On the 22nd a tier payment processed with no problems for my main account, and I was also able to purchase premium on 2 of my alts, no problems. I went to purchase it on the 3rd and the purchase failed. Thinking maybe something had trigered with visa because of the multiple transactions close together, I thought I would try again the next day. On the 23rd I tried again, but it failed. I tried using my paypal account instead, which has also been used with no issues before, but it also declined. I switched to my main account and tried instead purchasing lindens, also failed. I added my husbands card and tried with it, still failed. Today, the 24th, I now see that the last charge that I attempted using my husbands card has been charged and is showing on our internet banking, however still no lindens are in the second life account. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be or if there are any known billing issues causing this behaviour?
  4. Honestly, they are right, it's most likely the density, and uploading that and just saying "well I'm learning" doesn't make it right. As an example, the first thing I ever meshed was this dress, I was learning and it's a lot more detail than that shirt, with a heck of a lot less vertices.
  5. I used to be 6'9" but found that although I felt 'normal' height when shopping or building on my own, when I would catch up with friends or visit a club I would always feel like I was some sort of giant towering over everyone. So I have adjusted my height to 6'5" now, which is still tall by RL standards but feels just right in SL. :smileyhappy:
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