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  1. have the same issue, and I set everything up , firewall, ports , and so on still have it what is going on here ?
  2. yes I can Imagine that you will be carefull who you share it, still, it should be in Blender but is not
  3. thanks for the reply, there should be a plugin or something for importing SLM into Blender and even if its compressed , should be compressed lossless and if it is so, then it makes no diffrence if DAE or SLM If the compression methode is not lossless then the mesh may be screwed up , after loading it up into SL so I would guess, if it really is compressed, then for sure lossless
  4. hi Everyone is it possible , to somehow import an SLM file into Blender ?
  5. And again , I allready wait over an hour now , nothing happend yet.. when will Linden Lab finally fix this ?
  6. yeah , true, I had to wait over an hour for delivery of an item I bought, if it is not delivered within 15 minutes I consider it failure, and so it should be, and 8 h waiting is a joke
  7. hi , I am so sick of the delayed deliveries of the new Marketplace if you need an item, get it in world, and 8 h waiting is rediculous, anway if it is not delivered within 2h you won't get it anyway, so what is this 8h about ? Linden Lab working with out Lindens ? in RL I would think this taking money, and then refund later common practice at banks though PLEASE YOU LINDENS PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE DELIVERY TIMES !
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