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  1. Everything I have ready and watched about Rod is contrary to him just turning it into a "Game". He is into being "creative" and I have the impression that creativity is more important to him that turning it into a game. I am also willing ot venture that he has used SL himself and is quite aware of the dynamics.
  2. Welcome Rod, As far as leaving things alone, I hope not. The prices are way too high. I have been pondering giving up for a while. I pay a tier payment to somebody that has 6 sims and he has been considering giving it up too. I agree with the educational aspect and there are many non-profits that can benefit as well. With the prices so high I see people giving up all the time. When I explore I see empty shops everywhere. Sometimes there are sims with just a couple of merchants and many many empty buildings. SL has the potential to be even more awesome. I admit I have tried other grids and vir
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