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  1. hi guys i want make a object animations but i don't know how make the script i make a mesh object they have 8face i want make it start face1 until face8 make it be animations and loop it so how i can do this script or you can make a script for me i will pay you some L thanks for help and watch
  2. hello everyone i'm shemale in sl i like make friend i want make friend because sometime i feel so lonely i like take picture in secondlife or make something toy stuff i want someone just play sl with me we can talk we can party we can do something fun
  3. hi guys i make cloth in maya 2016 i'm pretty sure i rig it and make Z is up and i export use fbx_dae and collada two way make dae file but when i up the cloth in my secondlife it's don have weight i don't know what's worng of my job so who can tell me how i can fix it ?
  4. hi guys i'm new in bento mesh make strff i make mesh wing and rig it use bento but when i upload in secondlife itdo have weight just a model so what i can do can't make it be bento mesh not just mesh sorry my poor english so thanks for you help
  5. i make a cloth and i rip it but i upload on inworld don't have wigth i use maya2015 make it and i seach secondlife wiki and find fbx cover it's does't work and i download colladamaya.mall but still have trouble so who can help me tell me how can i do something thanks very much and apoloagy for my bad english
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