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  1. Marianne - You are a genius and a star! The King skin does indeed fit the age range, although even the pale skin was a bit more tanned than I was looking for. It's growing on me though! And with the Ashton Shape from -Belleza- (C/M so a bit of tweaking to personalise), as well as Jaryth's Body Hair kit, the Holt beard and some hair from Exile, I think my avatar looks pretty damned fine! Thank you so much for your help! (And Alwin, I've grabbed a couple of Egoisme's to try out, they're not the look that I was aiming for, but there were a couple that piqued my interest.) Thanks
  2. Thanks Marianne and Alwin. I'll have a look at Redgrave, and I hadn't considered Egoisme - I haven't been there in forever! And as for Belleza, I always thought that they were female mesh bodies only. It just goes to show what variation there is in SL. I'll let you know how I get on (as it might be useful for the other 2 people who are still archaic enough to keep their system skins. We're definitely an endangered species! ) You are stars!
  3. Another quick way to adjust hover height in the standard viewer is to right-click on your Avatar and select Hover Height then type 0 into the number on the side (or play with the slider). It's also useful if you find yourself in an area where the physics of the floor aren't quite right.
  4. Hi All, Long time lurker, very intermittent poster! I've been using the Steve Skin by Unique Megastore for a year or so now, but I'm looking to move on to something new. The problem is that it seems skin makers only cater for the beautiful young looks. I prefer my avatar to be a bit closer to myself in RL (you know, ruggedly handsome... ). There's a few older skins around that suit the 50s - 60s age range but I'm really struggling to find any others that would suit late 30s/early 40s (other than the one I have). Does anyone have any suggestions please? Thanks in advance! E
  5. Thanks Jewell! I'd never thought of it being the shortcut.
  6. Fashion blogs of course, What's New SL and Group in world, Store notices, word of mouth and so on...how do you find your fashion ? and are you willing to risk exposure using inspect on people ?
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