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  1. I guess I can say I hit the jackpot! I got a house next to the lighthouse YAAAAAAAAAAY
  2. I've tried to get it but I was to slow... for sure like more people then me... lol...
  3. lol I was the last three days checking when they will release this region... and now I'm an whole hour to late...
  4. I saw it.... I wanted it.... someone else got it... 😣
  5. I'm in race again today.... houseboat I'm comiiiiing (hopefully)
  6. I cross my fingers to get a boat today 😬 I upgraded the browser with a autorefresh and I'm in good hope 🏋️‍♀️ Actually I was watching a Linden building on a region yesterday. (btw I love this forum topic, we all have the same target and without you guys I had thought there is no chance at all anymore)
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