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  1. Ironically, the most dangerous concern to Linden Research might come from its own employees, with regard to this one. This is a California company, and unlike the federal government, California has fairly clear laws about discrimination w/respect to LGBT employees. I'll let the e lawyers argue this one out, but let's just say that it's way more controversial to discriminate, than not. Great way to raise LGBT awareness too, and focus it on the product and related forums. Was that the intent? Ask Target and Chick Fil A about that. * * * * * Strong recommendation for any Linden Research pe
  2. Boots on the ground, this is a much rosier story than I've heard from many, many merchants, land barons and even consumers. It also does not reflect the business realities I've faced. Merchants. Word from most merchants is that the new search devastated their sales. It may even be a 'better' search. But how it's better, if in fact it is, isn't communicated well. The quality merchants generally struggle against highly questionable operations who have one skill: keeping up with gaming search. At least in the old days it was easier to spot. Now? I've had numerous merchant~tenants simpl
  3. Very refreshing to see an actual discussion here, regardless of viewpoints/approaches. That's the first step forward. Well done! I have some hope now
  4. Q, I've extended to you the courtesy and respect of frank honesty. If I thought less of you, I wouldn't waste time here. My point (I don't know about others) might have been a bit too subtle. Let me spell it out as clearly as I can. And to be crystal clear: this is meant in an *entirely* constructive manner. That said: let me try to clarify. a) The Options question comes about from trying to design the perfect viewer for everybody. b) A one viewer design for everybody probably isn't going to work out very well for anybody (I think this is somewhat obvious) c) The complex, optioned s
  5. Something to consider: ~ There have been X million users, who have spent Y million hours using the older viewer format. Now I'll be the first person to say that the older viewer format isn't all that good. Come to think of it, standard typewriter keyboard layouts are proven to be terrible (dvorak is better), cars aren't done very well either (legacy of horse and buggy days), and I won't even begin to touch upon legacy computer operating systems. They are all terrible, with studies providing the proof. But the point remains, *changing* the way that software works for students, for educat
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