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  1. Seriosuly Jack, think long and hard about allowing residents to PAY to make their name unique again in SL. A one time fee of a serious amount, say 5-10KL$, so make it so the database will not allow their name as a display name. Money for you, uniqueness for those who want it back and are willing to pay. A lot of business owners would pay, they have already said so. Considering you are making the word Linden banned from use in these you cannot tell us it is impossible to do this, the mechanics are already there. And I bet Ontyne is disallowed as well, so more than one is obviously doable, you just need to build in the mechanic on the website for people to do it.


    You win, the residents win and I die a little inside. Oh wait no, I win too. Everyone wins.Just like PeeWee athletics. We all go home with a trophy and everyone feels good.


    Just avoid Mr. Mackleford in the lockerroom afterwards. (totally made up name)

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