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  1. We are very grateful for your kind answer. Let's wait and hope that everything works out for all of us. I'll take the news to the group and we will be attentive to future information. See you there, thank you again. Best regards.
  2. Thank you Monti, but we will try anyway. Best regards :matte-motes-grin:
  3. Dear Lindens, my avatar is Teagah Beck and I am a member of a support group for Second Life on Facebook. We represent around ten thousand Brazilian avatars. With me another avatar, Victtorya Rossini, group's administrator. We are delighted with the news, and reading the information in English, about the new Second Life, Second Life New Generation, we understand that: what will happen is for the good and none of us will lose anything or be abandoned in so old and outdated grid. So we have some questions and we would like you to have the courtesy to reply. Earlier it was said that there will be two incompatible worlds and the new one will start from ZERO. Well friends, the word, zero, frightened us. I confess. 1 - Mr. Ebbe Altberg has enlightened us that we can keep our identities in both worlds. And we will have our list of friends, too. 2 - Mr. Peter Gray spoke of calm, it's early and that: 'This does not mean you can not take some parts of your second life with you'. And the Lindens have another priority at the moment. Perfect, who has an inventory of 100 thousand items and took a third of real life time, to be builder Inworld, will be encouraged to migrate? How? We want to migrate and enjoy the novelty. But for many of us will be a fateful decision unless we can somehow bring our experiences, our possessions, finally, our dreams to this seductive invitation. Our scripters are asking us information about the language that will use in the new grid. Can enlighten us about that too? If you already have something published on the subject, can you show us the way? a link? Please. Last question for now, we will have free accounts? We understand that our doubts until now may have been answered at some point but please, can you repeat that? Tell us again how this wonderful new world with the spirit of Second Life will be for our good too. Of course we have a million of questions and we will seek answers at the right time. Finally we want to thank everyone in Linden Lab for their efforts and say that the Second Life, on those long 11 years, affected us, changed us and enhanced us. Thank you. Best Regards, Second Life Brasil on Facebook
  4. beautiful doll :matte-motes-big-grin: congratz Vic
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