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  1. If places consider lying about your SL Gender as Rape, that is insult to anyone who has ever actually been raped. Secondly, why does everyone consider males playing female avatars as 'lying'? Has no one ever stopped to think that some of them might be transsexual and in their own minds are females regardless of having been born in a male body? But really, don't use Rape seriously in conjunction to this game. That's just downright offensive and insulting.
  2. Have you ever considered it was just a coincidence? Within fifteen minutes they happened to appear at the same place you were at, and then 'you' initiated communication with them? Perhaps they know who you are now because you decided to initiate communication with them. It hardly sounds like you have a stalker, it sounds more like this person just happened to appear where you were and then you IMed them from that last post of yours.
  3. Normally, when filming, you should have a script. If you're doing this without scripting, there 'is' a way you can manage it without having to be able to hear your own voice in world. Mind you, I have never tried this my self, but it sounds like it would work. Basically, you run a program in the background to record your own voice, while still recording the voices of the others, and just communicate as you would normally. Then when the process is over, you mix the audio together, inserting your voice where it belongs. I'm sure with the right program, it would be possible to just record the audio track separately including your own voice via it picking up the output of your microphone and the input of your speakers. If you had such a program, you would only need to blend together the separate audio-track and the video track. If both of these things are beyond your capabilities, two options are. --Pre-record all dialogue. --Remember what exactly it was you said, then record that, and edit it into it the video.
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