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  1. SOLD. Idk how to delete this topic, or deactivate the thread, so thought I'd make sure no one wasted their time. Cheers!
  2. SOLD. Idk how to delete this topic, or deactivate the thread, so thought I'd make sure no one wasted their time. Cheers!
  3. Due to an SL breakup I am selling my private region. A few months ago I had it professionally landscaped for $175 USD. Selling for $300 USD. It's gorgeous. See pics below. There are 12,700 prims down so plenty left for your personal items. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to come see it. Tier due by Sept. 7th. Thanks for looking! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandy Toes/88/137/34
  4. I have a full-prim region with 20k prims for sale! I'm leaving SL and no longer need it. I had it professionally landscaped for $175 USD. Prims left available is 11, 965. Must see to believe this gorgeous region. Asking $500 USD and buyer pays transfer fee. House faces west for excellent sunset views. Please contact me inworld to see in person. ~ Suzanne Piers (legacy name). My display name is Suzanne Hancroft. Thanks for looking!
  5. UPDATE: I just found out that Olin sold the estates to the Chungs. That is probably why he was online awhile back. I am so sad, because I loved Olin and his land. The Chungs are perfectly nice people I'm sure, but it makes me sick that they have more and more regions in SL. I like to have choices, and the large landholders like the Chungs and ZoHa Islands own so many regions across the grid. If they get mad at you they can ban you from all of their widespread estates which can prevent you from attending events at some of your favorite destinations. But I'm hopeful that Olin didn't die, but sad that he must be having some difficulties in RL. Thanks for all your answers and contributions!
  6. Thanks Jaylin for that great info. I am glad he logged in this month. But he didn't update notecards so I am worried. I did put a ticket in with LL and they gave me the "we can't disclose anything about SL residents..." blah blah. I made it clear that he was MIA and that his tenants were worried. Idk. If his tier is paid to LL with automatic payments, I suppose that his regions will still stay active until either the credit card is full or he runs out of money. He doesn't have a manager, and has always run things on his own. He is a great landlord until you need something urgently. Unfortunately, he doesn't even have a group, where we can discuss the issue. And yes, we can all live rent-free until LL reclaims the regions due to lack of tier payment. I'm hoping he is okay; it's very weird for him to be gone like this. I went ahead and moved somewhere else because I didn't want to have my things suddenly returned in a giant bundle. Thank you all for the great input! Tessie Teabrook, if you hear anything let me know either inworld or here. Tnx!
  7. Okay I just submitted a support ticket, but there wasn't an appropriate category for a missing landlord. lol I just submitted it under Land/Region so we will see what happens.
  8. Hello, There is a landowner in SL named Olin Homewood and he owns Kendalwood Estates, which has probably 50 or more regions. He generally updates his notecards with available land every few days. He has not updated since Dec. 17, 2020. This is extremely unusual. With the pandemic, it is possible he is incapacitated in some way or . . . worse. 😢 Does anyone know what to do? Should I report this to LL? Maybe they already know? I don't see support tickets on their support portals. I suppose I could call LL directly. Anyone have any ideas? This is very weird. Thank you!
  9. Ok I am just deciding to give up the sim so please disregard. Apparently I can't edit or delete the original post.
  10. I have two homesteads for sale. I purchased them last summer so my tier is $109 USD. Currently a HS is $149 plus set up fees. Tier dates: Jan. 23rd and Feb. 3rd 2019. I will sell them individually for $125 USD or both for $200 USD, you pay the transfer fee(s). Contact me in world or email suzannepiers821@gmail.com. Thank you!
  11. I have a full prim private region for sale. Currently set up as rentals, but I can remove everything if you want. I increased prims to 30,000. I purchased the sim last summer while LL was having a sale. Currently a full region costs $349 USD plus a set up fee. My tier is $279 USD per month. Tier is due on Jan. 30th. If you purchase this sim from me prior to Jan. 30th, I'll pay the transfer fee. Purchase price: $300 USD plus transfer fee unless paid by the 30th of January, then I will pay it. Contact me via inworld (Suzanne Piers) or email suzannepiers821@gmail.com. Thank you!
  12. Experience elegant living at The Grove Country Club Estates, Second Life's premier luxury residential community! We have a rare opportunity to rent some prime parcels on this in-demand residential neighborhood! These amazing gated properties offer many amenities, including a Country Club! Live your Second Life in luxury and style. Free fitting in of your home and basic exterior landscaping. Come home to The Grove. These parcels won't last! See listings at http://thegroveestatessl.com/ or inworld at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Club Road/133/162/25.
  13. Experience elegant living at The Grove Country Club Estates, Second Life's premier luxury residential community! We have a rare opportunity to rent some prime parcels on this in-demand residential neighborhood! These amazing gated properties offer many amenities, including a Country Club! Live your Second Life in luxury and style. Free fitting in of your home and basic exterior landscaping. Come home to The Grove. These parcels won't last!
  14. Tex Monday wrote: Sounds to me like the beginning of a really great 1940's detective story..... The rain fell heavy on the roof on the mid August evening as I sat in my dumpy office. The water dripped through holes in the ceiling, watering my plants, before dropping harmlessly into a bucket on the floor. Cigar smoke wafted into the air, catching the fan before being propelled back into my face. *coughs* I heard the knock on my glass door. It was a dainty knock...a dame, obviously.... "Come on in", I coughed through the haze in my office. The door squeaked open...pushing the smoke out the open window. It was a dame...and what a dame she was...... "Mister Monday...I...I need your help" she cried as she sat slowly down in the chair. Her long blond hair swirled around her head as she moved. She straightened her red dress as she began to speak. I took another puff of my cigar and looked out at her.... "What can I do for you, Miss.....??" "Piers...Suzanne Piers." She took an envelope and tossed it out on her desk. "I'm...being blackmailed".... :matte-motes-sunglasses-3: LOL! That's hilarious and I wish I were just making it up! :matte-motes-confused:
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: A common form of extortion if you are a merchant is "Refund my money or I will give you a bad review." Are you serious?? I've been in SL for six years, and yet things still continue to astound me. That people would threaten extortion for photos, and threaten merchants with bad reviews if they don't get their money back! OMG! Pamela you are the one of the sweetest, nicest people in SL. I am so very glad you don't get jaded by people like that. Know that there are many, many more SL'ers who appreciate the kind customer service you provide.
  16. Perrie....Ok I never thought about the fact that this guy might manipulate a picture of me! Yikes! Fortunately my SL hubby trusts me 100% and I am not worried about that, even if the guy did try to show him some photos. I know for a fact there are NO real screenshots of me doing anything in SL like that so real ones aren't a worry, but the fake ones might be. But I'm not too worried about that. I am more concerned at this point about the criminal nature of this activity. He needs to be stopped and hopefully prosecuted, or at the very least banned for life from SL. Thanks for your support.
  17. Well he said to me several times "What would it be worth to you for me not to show Fritz these pictures?" A threat? Yes. Specifically what that threat is? No. I do not know where something like this crosses the line. Yes I have that chat history from my computer. However, that can be manipulated by me if I was of a mind to do so. Something official from LL that showed the chat transcript would be better.
  18. Agreed. I think that people like this need to be stopped and it may be $50 RL dollars today and $2,000 RL dollars tomorrow who knows? Hopefully LL will take the AR seriously, and if they get enough complaints they will then contact the authorities themselves. It's just very concerning to me that people are going beyond the petty little "I'm gonna tell all your friends you're a douche" to trying to extort people.... Everyone be on the lookout, and AR anyone that tries this. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. If I've stopped even one person from being victimized, then that is good.
  19. Yes I did all of the above. And I agree with you. I didn't get the feeling this was a garden variety griefer. I think he is a criminal. Unfortunately he didn't issue anything except vague threats. Perhaps I should have continued to communicate until he told me what his demands were -- money, sex, whatever -- in exchange for not showing Frtitz the "pictures" and then reported him. RL Law enforcement won't take my copy of the transcript of our conversation seriously, since I could easily make somethng like that up. Is it possible to get an official transcript from LL? Or is that something that has to come from a request from law enforcement? Rhetorical questions... of course. I will contact them and see if they even want to talk with me about it. Thanks for the help!
  20. This may not be anything new, but for me this was a first. I was at a wedding in SL on Sunday, sitting quietly at a table minding my own business, when from out of the blue, someone IMd me (he was not at the wedding and did not appear to even be in the sim I was on) and said that he wondered what Fritz (my SL husband) would think of what i was doing right now. I thought about just ignoring it, but then I thought I'd try to get some more information out of him. I asked what he was talking about and he proceeded to tell me that he had some screenshots of me in "compromising positions" and how could I convince him not to show those pictures to Fritz. Fritz and I have been together in SL for nearly four years, and I DO NOT cheat so I know for a fact there are no compromising pictures. Period. I don't even go to places like nude beaches when he isn't online. I know that trust is an issue for many relationships in SL and I refuse to compromise mine. I told him I was going to be telling Fritz about the conversation, then I blocked him and sent Linden Lab an AR. When Fritz and I were talking about it, we wondered if this kind of attempted extortion or blackmail could possibly be a criminal act in RL? I am very concerned that he is going around contacting people trying to extort money out of them, and there are so many that DO have guilty consciences that he may just succeed. I am hopeful that LL will take this very seriously. Am I right to be so concerned? Or is this just another troll in SL who just needs to be ignored? Thoughts?
  21. Yes I have had this problem, too, and I recently uninstalled ALL viewers on my computer, reinstalled the viewer I wanted (which is Firestorm) and I have seen a dramatic drop in problems. However, I am having a HUGE problem with hairbases!! I'm not sure what that's all about, but suddenly I'm having an issue with a skin that has a hairbase.My face won't rezz into focus and there is what looks like a corrupted spot on my neck. When I wear the non-hairbase version of that skin (the bald one) I don't have that issue. HOWEVER, on the bald version, I am havnig a problem with the lower half of my body not rendering. Also, when I use a tattoo layer hairbase from Vanity Hair (I've not tried a tattoo layer hairbase from anywhere else, so I don't know if it is the tattoo hairbase or just Vanity's), it turns my avatar into a white oval egg!! As soon as I remove the hairbase tattoo, my avie goes back to normal. Clearly there is a problem with hairbases but I have no idea what it is. I have switched to another skin from another manufacturer and it is fine, so I dunno. Anyway, the region where I live seems to be having asset server issues (I live in the Costa Rica sims) and I can't even open notecards there, and it takes forever for items to attach and reattach themselves to me. And changing outfits?? Fuggedaboutit. I have learned to just go to a protected sim, I used Smith, go under water and open notecards and change outfits. So maybe your region is having asset server issues also. It's extremely frustrating!!
  22. Oh dear... *sigh* I had this problem too, with my old laptop and I am sorry to say, the answer is "a new laptop." When they upgraded to the 1.23 viewer, the lag was so bad it was like watching a slideshow. Completely unacceptable and I wasn't going to be able to log into SL anymore unless something changed. And what had to change, was my laptop. One of the problems with laptops, is that things like graphics cards aren't upgradable. And a graphics-intensive program like SL, when they upgrade the software, makes laptops obsolete pretty quickly. My "old" laptop was only 3 years old and was fine for everything else. But my new laptop runs SL like a charm... but it is new. It has 6 mgs of ram and has a quad-core processor. I still have long rezz times on some sims. Truly, in a perfect world, running SL on a gaming desktop computer is the best way to experience SL at its finest. But if you're like me, and enjoy SL from the comfort of your living room recliner, then a new laptop is probably in order. Sorry to be the bearer or bad news.
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