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  1. Great News! Finally got my avatar back! Thanks for all the tips!
  2. Still having some issues with the old viewer as well. I think SL just needs a nap.
  3. When I went to install the old viewer I got this page http://download.cloud.secondlife.com/Viewer-2-8/Second_Life_3-8-3-238392_Setup.exe
  4. Ever since I downloaded Viewer 3 whenever I log on, my avatar is a cloud. I've tried: Ctrl+Alt+RClearing CacheRestartingChanging outfitsCharacter TestsUsing different viewersAnd when I did the character test, it worked but then when I went to add another outfit. It kept the noob clothes and just attached the prim parts of the outfit. And thats what happens for all other outfits. I really want my old Viewer 2 back, Im extremely frustrated.
  5. Ever since I downloaded the Viewer 3, my avie has been a cloud and I cant make it work right. Fix it -____-
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