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  1. In searching full perm builder items, on MP, I found a listing selling some pieces of a full perm build done by someone I happen to know. Out of curiosity mainly, I buy the pieces. First clue on the MP listing should have been the use of my friend's original box textures including his logo. Sure enough, in the box I find pieces of his build, and the names have not even been changed. So I review the item, and indeed include a link to my friend's MP shop. And I flag the item. And now 4 days later, that item is still listed and my review is gone. How can this be effective management and safe harbour theory at work? No wonder SL is withering away. Sign me, disgusted.
  2. :matte-motes-evil-invert: the grid is down concierge says they are "working on it" grid status website says they are performing an unscheduled maintenance. perhaps meditation or a book ? for now there are no suggestions but patience.
  3. tried several regions, various viewers including SL viewer = no luck. tried live chat....no agents available. back to first life !
  4. the link you posted for texturing clothing in gimp is no longer available; also that website has not been updated since 2010, just thought you should know.
  5. I am not much of a Marketplace user at all - but last night when I had a failed delivery of an item - I went to transaction history to find the info I needed to prove my transaction to the creator of the missing object...and lo and behold ....3 purchases were all lumped together as one transaction with NO DETAILS? The lindens show paid to Commerce Linden...anyone have a suggestion on how to get the details of my transaction? Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know when this change occurred? Is this a permanent change to the handling of marketplace funds? How will "consumers" be able to track their purchases and contact anyone about failed deliveries? Feel free to contact me inworld with any comments or suggestions MJ Zaurak
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