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  1. Just thinking about making a building in mesh, roughly 20x20x10 and having not done this before im wondering if it's better to make it as a single object or many many smaller componants ? Also are there any other large mesh building best practices I should be aware of before I dive in ?
  2. It might only take an hour or two for people up updated, if ti all goes to plan .. and isn't overwhelmed and broken on the day. But this is seriously not enough time for merchants many of whom dont read this forum and wont see the deadlines buried away out of sight on the commerce blog. The first a lot of merchants will hear of this is when their listings drop dead. What about non english users or everyone who will mistakenly decide to wait till the outbox is in phoenix?
  3. The number of AR's againt this person must be in the hundreds and go back years. The only assumpt that can be drawn is that this kind of behavour is totally acceptable, we might as well be abuse reporting someone for breathing.
  4. That's the funny part .. last time I checked I wasn't a guy playing a girl.....
  5. Yes, my frind did know the stalker breifly in the past and simple drama might have been the spark. But again, she is not the only victim of this person. People get upset with each other every day, drama is only drama when it isn't yours, this is a little above and beyond.
  6. I was refering to this thread making things worse, in that sense, I dont think it will make any difference. He may escalate, do something dumb, but this is day on day dumb already.
  7. Another blog about the same stalker, english/german - NSFW : http://secondlife-stalker.blogspot.com/
  8. It has been going on for a LONG time. I really don't see how this thread will make it any different. SL may be optional, but we are told that adherance to the TOS isn't. I have no interest in any solution that equates to ditching my identity here and I am sick to the back teeth of hoping quietly that this will just solve itself somehow.
  9. He doesn't get bored, this is his game. Those who have confronted tend to get tormented more and then the bully actually mutes them and continutes to send them and their friends messages. Push it and you get an an alt account in your name who's profile is full of the same on going nasty stuff. This alt then tries to hang out at places you go to so it will be seen. Push it more and the fake you's profile gets more fleshed out, pictures, refreces to your friends, refrences to your RL
  10. We have been doing all of those things for much longer than the blog records. In isolation each report is just low level name calling and if they are read at all then it's just not something the lab will ban for, Add it all up and you have a picture of a very abusive user. As mentioned I am not the only victim. I am the only one prepared to stick my neck out to get this some attention. This has been going on long enough that others are seriously scared, Some have already abandoned accounts and started over and are terrified that what I am doing here will simply attract the attenion back to them. I own a sim. Even if I get a new account I will still be on this public sim. Becoming someone else is not at option, I am far to committed to this identity in and out of SL. There is also no way I can and will allow this person the small victory of driving me out as he has done to others.
  11. I cant just vanish from SL, my sim or the my friends here for a few months. Seriously! A new avie would have to have a different home, different friends, differernt me. The bully has won and driven me out of SL. NO WAY. NOT HAPPENING and you wouldn't choose that option if this was happening to you. This has been going on over a year now. This person is persistant. This is what he does in SL for fun.
  12. Distching my main account of 5 years is not an option. I have a home, a sim and many friends and I run a very visable support group, not to mention the huge investment in inventory items that would not move. In short this has been discussed by all affected and we are in no way prepared to junk our second lives. The stalker is going for people personally, not accounts.
  13. I have managed to attracted a real sicko. This person has created an account intended to impersonate me, this person has actually had very abusive conversations with people I am stood next to in IM using the same display name, they IM me daily with trans and homophobic messages using an attached object (this means a mute is pointless). I have no contact with the stalker who uses many alts to harass and follow his victims around the grid. I am not the only person affected by this. It actually started when I got into a relatrionship with someone who this sicko was harassing, I didnt get scared off by an IM full of really nasty messages from someone pretending to be my friend, so the nut job decided that I was fair game too. This person has been abuse reported many many many many times, I have even tried live help and to call and speak to the lab directly only to be very sympathetically told to file more abuse reports. I have email recipts for about 40 already. I have been keeping an log online for the last month or two, be warned, the language is very NSFW. Summary : http://trinitydejavu.blogspot.com/p/profile-of-bully.html Daily log (NSFW) : http://trinitydejavu.blogspot.com/ As mentioned a mute is pointless, the messages are sent via a worn scripted object wich gets a new UUID every time. I am at my wits end, it is devastating to get messages from friends telling you that someone they thought was you has been messaging them with filth like this (VERY NSFW) http://trinitydejavu.blogspot.com/2012/01/impersonation.html ((Edits correct typos))
  14. Of all the TPV's I have tried firestorm is the fastest viewer 2, but anything with mesh enabled and I'm sunk. I'm pretty sure this is something that originates from the lab as every mesh viewer 2 suffers the same problem.
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