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  • Sculpted primitives

    Jeremy Linden

    Sculpted prims overview

    A sculpted prim is a primitive whose shape is determined by a texture, called a sculpt texture. You can use sculpted prims to create complex, organic shapes that are not possible with conventional Second Life prims.

    How to create a sculpted prim

    Sculpted Prims are created and manipulated in a slightly different way than conventional prims. Check out the following steps to create your first Sculpted Prim:


    1. Find a piece of land where you can build. Right-click the ground and select Build.
    2. Select any type of prim from the tools window (the default is a Box) and click the ground to create it.
    3. Click the Edit button and select the Object tab.
    4. In the building block type dropdown menu, select Sculpted. Notice how some of the object editing parameters turn into a colorful texture! That texture, called a sculpt texture, defines the shape of the sculpted prim.
    5. You can change the sculpt texture by clicking on it and choosing a new texture from the PICK:TEXTURE window.
    6. You can change the position, size, and rotation of a sculpted prim by using the edit tools the same way you would with a conventional prim.
    Note: If you pick a texture that was not intended to be a sculpt texture (like a snapshot, or some wallpaper), the sculpted prim takes on a crazy, unexpected shape we like to call "texture vomit." These crazy shapes won't hurt Second Life or your computer's performance, but they may hurt your eyes!

    You can find some free sample sculpt textures on the Sculpt Maps and Textures page of the Second Life Wiki.

    For information on how to create your own sculpt textures for Second Life, check out the 3D Software Guide and the Sculpt Textures in Paint Programs pages of the Second Life Wiki.

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