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  • Protected land

    What is protected land?

    Protected Land is owned by Linden Lab and maintained for use by all Residents. Though it may or may not contain roads, it provides a right of way through any given region. It is usually lightly developed, aiding overall region performance by not using land capacity or script resources. Protected land cannot be altered or sold to Residents, and is designed to remain owned and maintained by the Linden Department of Public Works (LPDW) indefinitely.

    In some specific areas (such as the Bay City area on the mainland or the Linden Home continent of Bellisseria), Protected Land may include more in-depth landscaping, roads, or transportation features like railways or canal boats. These areas are designed to match the theme of the area and for the enjoyment of all Residents.

    Building on Protected Land is generally restricted, whether at ground level or in the skies above it. Please be courteous and ensure that your objects don't cross over onto Protected Land in a way that blocks or otherwise detracts from the public enjoyment of the Protected Land space. If another Resident reports your build, or if it hampers the use of Second Life, it may be returned without notice.

    What to do if objects on protected land encroach on your parcel

    While the landscaping and objects placed by Linden Lab, the LDPW, or the Linden Moles, cannot be altered or removed by request, there are occasions when a tree or plant may accidentally cross over into a Resident-owned parcel. If a Linden-owned object is crossing onto your land and you'd like to have it removed, please submit a support ticket detailing the issue. You can include a screenshot of the object in question on your ticket, if that's convenient.

    Please include the specific location, region name and X,Y location (SLURL), as well as the object name if possible, so that we can investigate and adjust the landscaping if appropriate.

    Empty land vs. protected land

    Some Linden-owned land isn't specifically labeled as 'Protected Land', but may appear to be empty and not in use. Some specific parcels that are named "Empty" also exist. This land is typically a full region slated to be established as Protected Land in the future. If you are concerned about the status of a plot named "Empty," please submit detailed information in a support ticket.

    Is new protected land being created?

    The Linden Department of Public Works continues to expand geographical features with the same mission of creating and preserving "natural beauty." This may include updating existing Protected Land to create new roads or railways, adding connecting terrain to link continents together, or creating themed and connected regions for new Linden Homes as further themes develop.

    For more information about upcoming projects and usergroup meetings, please see the Department of Public Works blog.

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