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  • Problems with rezzing and inventory

    To rez an object is to create it using the build tools or make it appear inworld by dragging it from your inventory.  If you are having trouble rezzing an object from your inventory, there may be several possible causes, addressed in this article.

    No build land

    If you are unable to rez an object, the land you are dropping the object may not allow building.  Note that building restrictions may be set by landowners on a per-parcel or per-region basis. 

    When you are on no build land, a small icon appears in the Viewer's location bar: no build icon.pngIf you see this icon, try moving to a different parcel or region that does allow building.

    Download queue for region stuck

    When you drop an item inword from your inventory, the object is placed in a queue to be downloaded from Linden Lab's central file server. If the size of this queue is very large, downloads may be extremely slow or altgteher interrupted. To see the size of the download queue:

    1. Enable the Advanced menu: World > Show > Advanced Menu.
    2. Select Advanced > Performance Tools > Statistics Bar.
    3. Click Advanced in the STATISTICS bar and scroll down to Pending Downloads (in the Simulator section).

    If the Pending Downloads number is high, try moving to another region. If the number falling, or zero, this is not the problem.

    If your download queue is high and never falls, please file a support ticket.

    Scripted objects are too far away

    Some scripted objects do not appear if you are too far away, even if they are within your viewer's draw distance. If the object you are trying to view has a script in it, try moving closer to it until it appears.

    Other solutions

    Here are a few more things to try if you cannot see inventory objects inworld:

    1. Choose Me > Preferences. The PREFERENCES window opens.
    2. Click the Graphics tab.
    3. Click the Advanced button.
    4. Move the Draw distance slider all the way to the left.

    Increase the Second Life Viewer's cache and bandwidth

    1. Choose Me > Preferences. The PREFERENCES window opens.
    2. Click the Advanced tab.
    3. Increase the Cache size.
    4. Click the Setup tab. 
    5. Move the Maximum bandwith slider to the right.
    Important: Setting Maximum bandwidth too high can have adverse effects on your Second Life experience. Try increasing maximum bandwidth a little at a time.

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