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  • Openspace Regions


    Openspace Region overview

    Openspace Regions are a type of Private Region intended for light use such as water, hills, or forest.  They are not intended for building, home rentals, or events.  To own an Openspace Region, you must also own a normal Private Region.

    Openspace specifications include:

    • Available to Full Region owners only
    • Lower price than a Full Region or Homestead
    • Events and Classifieds are not permitted
    • Comes with lower usage limits than Full Regions or Homesteads:
    Pricing for Openspaces is as follows:
    • New Openspaces are no longer available for sale via our automated land store, but can be purchased by contacting our Support team.
      • Please log in to your Second Life account, and on the Support Portal website, select Submit a Support Ticket.
      • For the Issue Type, choose Land & Region
      • Under Land and Region, select Order Private Region
    • The setup fee for a new Openspace is $99 USD.
    • Monthly fee of $60 USD.

    You may optionally convert four Openspace Regions into a normal Private Region or you may convert a Private Region into four Openspace Regions, provided that you will have at least one normal Private Region afterward.

    Definition of "light" use

    Normal Private Regions each run on their own dedicated CPU on the Second Life servers.  The Openspace Regions run four per CPU; this allows us to provide more regions to you at a lower cost, but limits the performance of those regions.  Openspaces only ever share CPU usage with other Openspaces on a server, which means that the presence of Openspace Regions does not affect the performance of Homestead Regions or other Private Regions.

    It is important to understand what Openspace Regions are not for building, living in, renting as homes or use for events. They are fine for a stretch of open water for boating or a scenic wooded area, but we do not advise more serious use than this and will not respond to performance issues reported should you not use them in this way.

    Converting Openspace Regions

     Openspace Regions may be converted into standard Private Regions or Homestead Regions.  For full information on how to convert between the different Private Region types, see Converting Private Regions.

    Other rules relating to Openspace Regions

    To continue to own Openspaces, you must also continue to own at least one normal Private Region (Island). If you transfer your last region, you must also transfer the Openspaces to someone eligible to own them or give them up, since you cannot own Openspaces on their own.

    You can sell Openspaces to another Resident, but the new owner needs to own a Private Region already to be eligible to own an Openspace Region. The normal transfer fee of $100/region is charged to the seller.

    Multiple Openspace transfer:

    If you are transferring multiple Openspaces to the same person, the fees may be different for that transfer. For up to 4 Openspaces in the same transfer, the fee will be $100 total. After the first 4 Openspaces, the transfer fee is $100 per region.


    • You're transferring 3 Openspaces to the same buyer. You'll be charged $100.
    • You're transferring 6 Openspaces to the same buyer. You'll be charged $300.
    • You're transferring 2 Openspaces to one buyer, 5 to another, and one last one to a third buyer. You'll be charged $100 on the first transfer, $200 on the second, and $100 on the third.
    • You transfer 2 Openspaces to a buyer this week, then decide to sell them 2 more next week. You'll be charged $100 for each transfer.

    Renaming or moving an Openspace region costs the same as moving or renaming a Full or Homestead region. For more information about moving and renaming private regions, please see Managing Private Regions.

    The owner of an Openspace must be the same as the payor.

    Land parcels on Openspace Regions

    Openspaces are not approved for residential or commercial rental, or for habitation.  They are only suitable for open areas of scenery or parkland.  Sale or rental of land parcels on Openspace Regions is not allowed, and land in Openspace Regions cannot be deeded to a group.

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