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    Marketplace Keywords FAQ

    The Second Life Marketplace allows you to define a set of keywords for each of your listings in order to help customers find your products.  These keywords are subject to all rules regarding maturity ratings and the Second Life terms of service; keywords that violate these rules may result in your item's removal from the Marketplace.  Here are some common questions regarding keywords on the Second Life Marketplace:

    What types of keywords should I use on my listing?

    Keywords should be appropriate to the item being sold in the listing.

    Am I allowed to use keywords for other items in my store?

    No. Keywords should be about the item being sold in that listing only.

    Am I allowed to use profanity in my keywords?

    Yes, but your listing must be set to the Adult Maturity Rating when using any profanity in the listing. This includes the listing title, the name of the product as shown in the Content Tab, description, keywords, images, and in the name of your store.

    I tried to activate my listing but I am being told that there is banned text, what do I do?

    Some text is banned because it is not permitted in Second Life. If you have this banned text in your listing, your listing may be prevented from being activated on the Marketplace. Ensure that you are not using text or words that are not permitted, including but not limited to, any references to age-play, gambling, or brand names.

    I found the word that is causing the banned text message but I do not think it should be a banned word.

    Please submit a Support Case so that the issue can be escalated and investigated.


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