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About Me

Found 19 results

  1. Jeremy Linden

    Buying and selling Linden dollars

    Buying and selling Linden dollars Inworld On the LindeX How to get Linden dollars without buying them Earning Linden dollars The premium account stipend Common LindeX issues I bought Linden dollars (L$) but my balance hasn't updated I was not charged what expected when I bought Linden dollars (L$) I can't buy anything on the LindeX because of billing and trading limits I can't
  2. Finding items to buy Using boolean search operators Determining usage requirements Determining whether an item contains mesh content Adding items to your cart and giving gifts Giving gifts Editing your cart and paying After you buy Items delivered to the Received items folder Vie
  3. Jeremy Linden

    Selling objects

    How to sell an object Should you sell Original, Copy, or Contents? How to set permissions on an object Bulk-setting permissions Setting default permissions when uploading Setting bulk permissions in an object's contents Advertising rules and etiquette How to sell an object Follow these steps to put an object up for sale: Right-click the object and choose Edit. Click on the General tab. If you don't see it, click More. Select
  4. Jeremy Linden

    Managing your Marketplace store

    Managing your inventory Unassociated marketplace inventory Listed, unlisted, and unavailable status Editing a listing Removing a listing Changing the item associated with a listing Editing more than one listing at a time Viewing your Moderate or Adult listings Listing enhancements Managing your existing listing enhancements Listing enhan
  5. Eli Linden

    Gerenciar sua loja no Marketplace

    Em outros idiomas Gerenciar seu inventário Inventário de mercado não associado Status listado, não listado e indisponível Editar uma listagem Remover uma listagem Como alterar o item associado a uma listagem Como editar mais de uma listagem por vez Visualizar suas listagens de Moderado e Adulto Listagem de melhorias Como gerenciar sua listagem de
  6. その他の言語 インベントリの管理 関連付けされていないマーケットプレイスインベントリ リスト掲載済み、未掲載、および使用不可のステータス リストの編集 リストの削除 リストに関連付けされたアイテムの変更 1度に1つ以上のリストを変更する モデレートまたはアダルトリストを見る リスティングの機能強化 既存のリスティングの機能強化を管理する リスティングの機能強化レポート ストアプロフィール 収益の配分 取引履歴 販売に関する問題
  7. In altre lingue Gestire il tuo inventario Inventario del Marketplace non associato In elenco, rimossi, e non disponibili Modificare un annuncio Rimuovere un annuncio Cambiare l’oggetto associato a un annuncio Modificare più di un annuncio contemporaneamente Visualizzare i tuoi annunci Moderati o Per adulti Potenziamenti degli annunci Gestire i pote
  8. Dans d'autres langues Gérer votre inventaire Inventaire non associé à la Place du marché Statut publié, non publié, non disponible Modifier une annonce Retirer une annonce Modification de l'article associé à une annonce Modifier plus d'une annonce à la fois Voir vos annonces moyennes ou adultes Mises en valeur des annonces Gérer les mises en valeu
  9. Eli Linden

    Administrar tu Mercado

    En otros idiomas Administrar tu inventario Inventario del Mercado sin asociar Estados Incluido en la lista, No incluido en la lista y No disponible Modificar un artículo Eliminar un artículo Cambiar el artículo asociado a una lista de artículos Editar más de un artículo a la vez Ver tus artículos con contenido Moderado o Adulto Mejoras de artículos
  10. Eli Linden

    Verwalten Ihres Marktplatz-Ladens

    In anderen Sprachen Inventarverwaltung Nicht verknüpftes Marktplatz-Inventar Status aufgelistet, nicht aufgelistet und nicht verfügbar Eine Auflistung bearbeiten Eine Auflistung entfernen Ändern des mit einer Auflistung verknüpften Artikels Mehr als eine Auflistung gleichzeitig bearbeiten Anzeigen Ihrer Auflistungen mit Inhaltseinstufung "Moderat" oder "Adult" Auflistungsve
  11. What is a store manager? What can a store manager do? What can a store manager not do? Adding a manager to your store Removing a manager from your store Changing a manager's additional permissions Monitoring store managers' actions Audit logs Email alerts Viewing stores that you manage What is a store manager? A store manager is a Resident you have designated to manage some operati
  12. Jeremy Linden

    Selling in the Marketplace

    Creating a store Listing items for sale The Marketplace Listings window Version folders Stock folders Creating a new listing Changing versions of a listed item Changing the item associated with a listing Previewing your store Delivering items to the buyer Store managers Third-Party Viewer developer resources
  13. Submitting an item review How to create a new review Editing or removing a review Policies and guidelines Writing a good item review Tips You can write a review for an item you have purchased for yourself on the Marketplace. You can also write a review for an item someone else purchased for you as a gift. (The item needs to have been sent as a gift through the Marketplace at the time of purchase, not given to you inworld.) Submitting an item review H
  14. Jeremy Linden

    Marketplace Keywords FAQ

    What types of keywords should I use on my listing? Am I allowed to use keywords for other items in my store? Am I allowed to use profanity in my keywords? I tried to activate my listing but I am being told that there is banned text, what do I do? I found the word that is causing the banned text message but I do not think it should be a banned word. The Second Life Marketplace allows you to define a set of keywords for each of your listings in order to help customers find your products. These keywords a
  15. Overview Search policies General guidelines Appeal to humans, not search engines Be specific and descriptive Create a brand Maturity ratings matter Stay current Technical guidelines Check Show in Search Some tips Frequently asked questions about search rankings Relevance and rank: what are they? Why do
  16. Jeremy Linden

    How to market your products

    Copywrite to excite! Grab attention with a catchy headline Connect with your customers Item listing fields Photograph your products Rate mature products appropriately Other advertising strategies Featured Items Free stuff Improving your search results Sharing brands Inworld store signs Beyond Second Life This article in
  17. Jeremy Linden

    Shopping safety tips

    If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don't be tricked by an "invisible prim." Avoid "Get rich quick" and debit permission scams. What do I do if I am unhappy with a purchase or transaction with another Resident? Shopping is one of the most popular activities in the Second Life® world. Many Residents use Linden dollars (L$) to purchase property, to furnish their own homes or even to enhance the look of their avatars with the latest fashions! Most retailers in the Second Life world offer legitimate item
  18. Jeremy Linden

    Object sale types

    Original, Copy, or Contents Original Copy Contents Original, Copy, or Contents Should you sell your inworld Second Life creations as Original, Copy, or Contents? That depends on how the object is presented and what you intend to do, as this video shows: Tip: There are more advanced ways of selling objects, such as the web-based Marketplace and scripted vendors which can help you track sales, run multiple locations, automate product updates, and more. This article provides a basic overview
  19. Jeremy Linden

    Classified advertisements

    How to browse and search classifieds How to place a classified ad Confirming your classified ad How to view and edit your classified ad Viewing classified ad statistics How to find out what a classified ad cost The in-Viewer classifieds system allows content creators to advertise products and services to fellow Residents. You can gain additional exposure and sales by advertising effectively. How to browse and search classifieds To search and browse classified ads, either cli
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