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    Keyboard shortcuts

    Shortcut keys differ between PC (Windows and Linux) and Mac not just in Second Life, but across applications in general. PC shortcuts are indicated in the tables below. For your convenience, here's a table showing how modifier keys for keyboard shortcuts translate between platforms:

    PC Mac
    Ctrl Cmd ⌘
    Alt Opt ⌥
    Shift Shift
    Right-click Right-click (Ctrl-click with a single-button mouse)


    Walk forward W or ↑
    Walk backward S or ↓
    Turn left A or ←
    Turn right D or →
    Run Double-tap W or ↑ (forward); S or ↓ (backward)
    Always run Ctrl+R
    Jump E or PgUp (Tap once)
    Toggle flying F or Home
    Fly up Hold E or hold PgUp
    Fly down Hold C or hold PgDn


    Mouselook M
    Reset View Esc
    Look at Hold Alt and click mouse to re-center
    Zoom in Ctrl+0
    Zoom default Ctrl+9
    Zoom out


    Zoom camera in


    Zoom camera out


    Orbit up


    Orbit down


    Orbit left


    Orbit right


    Pan up


    Pan down


    Pan left


    Pan right



    Friends Ctrl+ Shift+F
    Local chat history Ctrl+H
    Look at last speaker Ctrl+\
    Gestures Ctrl+G
    Previous message entered* Ctrl + ↑
    Next message entered* Ctrl + ↓

     *Available in Nearby Chat, Group Chat, and Instant Message windows.


    Undo Ctrl+Z
    Redo Ctrl+Y
    Cut Ctrl+X
    Paste Ctrl+V
    Duplicate Ctrl+D
    Select all Ctrl+A
    Deselect Ctrl+E
    Close window Ctrl+W
    Close all windows Ctrl+ Shift+W


    Preferences Ctrl+P
    Help F1
    Search Ctrl+F
    World Map Ctrl+M
    Mini-map Ctrl+ Shift+M
    Teleport home Ctrl+ Shift+H
    Inventory Ctrl+I
    Build Ctrl+B
    Upload image Ctrl+U
    Take snapshot Ctrl+ Shift+S
    Quit Second Life Ctrl+Q

    For advanced users

    It is possible to remap the Second Life Viewer's keyboard controls, but be aware that the procedure is risky and can compromise the Viewer's functionality. To learn more, read our wiki article on Keyboard mapping

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    User Feedback

    When this information was moved to the KB from its old wiki site, many of the keyboard shortcuts were deleted from the list.  It' almost impossible to find them now, because the original page has been deleted and seaches are all redirected here.  I can understand wanting to encourage people to use the UI instead of keyboard shortcuts (although I prefer the shortcuts myself), but the fact remains that the shortcuts themselves are still alive.  It's easy for a user to activate one of them inadvertently and not understand how to get back.  I'm thinking in particular of things like Beacons and the many options in the Develop menu.  If you don't want to list them here, there still ought to be a wiki spot where a user can find them if needed.

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