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  • Finding lost objects and attachments

    Locating objects

    If you lose an item inworld, first try to locate it in your inventory:

    1. Click inventory btn3.jpg in the toolbar .
      The INVENTORY window opens.
    2. Select MY INVENTORY > Lost And Found to see if the item has been returned.
    3. If not, enter a category or keyword into the Filter Inventory field and click Enter.
    4. If the object is copyable, search for it by name. You should see it appear in a folder, where you can rez and use it again.

    If you can't find the item in your inventory, go to World > Mini-map. If the object is relatively large, it will appear as a light blue square on your map.

    If the tips above don't work, try these advanced strategies for finding hidden objects:

    • Select World > Show > Beacons. Beacons are colored locators that help you pinpoint special kinds of objects.
    • From the Advanced menu (World > Show > Advanced), select Highlighting and Visibility > Highlight Transparent. This helps you see transparent objects.
    • From the Advanced menu, select Rendering Types > Surface Patch to hide the terrain. This can make it easier to spot objects on the ground or underneath it. (Select Surface Patch again to show the ground.)
    • If you think the object is lost in a structure you own, consider carefully moving walls around to see if anything is concealed inside of them (you will only be able to do this if you have the appropriate permissions):
      1. Right-click a wall and select Edit.
      2. Drag the colored arrows to move the wall.

      If you can't move a wall, it may be locked. While editing the object:

      1. Click the Object tab of the build tools.
      2. Uncheck Locked.

    Locating attachments

    Reset attachment slot

    Edit Outfit1.jpgYour avatar has multiple attachment slots. If you can find the worn attachment in your inventory, you can reset its slot. Doing so resets it to the default position, which means you will need to reposition it again.

    To reset an attachment slot:

    1. Right-click your avatar and select Edit my outfit. The APPEARANCE window opens.
    2. Click on Attachments to see all attachments. Find the one you're looking for and also remember its attachment slot, which appears in parentheses.
    3. Detach the object.
    4. Click the Inventory button on the toolbar, and search for the attachment by name or keyword.
    5. Right-click the attachment, choose Attach To, and select a different attachment point. Preferably a free one so it doesn't detach something else.
    6. Right-click the attachment again and choose Detach From Yourself.
    7. Right-click the attachment yet again, choose Attach To, and attach it back to the original attachment point. It should be visible, but positioned incorrectly.
    8. Near your avatar, right-click the attachment and choose Edit. Reposition the attachment as desired.

    Camera through your avatar

    1. Hold Ctrl+Alt while left-clicking to orbit your camera so it cuts into your avatar.
    2. When you're looking through your avatar, right-click the attachment and choose Edit.
    3. Carefully drag it out with the positioning arrows.

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