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  • Classified advertisements

    The in-Viewer classifieds system allows content creators to advertise products and services to fellow Residents. You can gain additional exposure and sales by advertising effectively.

    How to browse and search classifieds

    To search and browse classified ads, either click  search1.jpg in the Second Life Viewer toolbar or go to the Second Life Search website.

     Then follow these steps:

    1. In the search field, enter terms describing what you are looking for, such as jewelry or skins and click Search. A list of items matching your search terms appears.
    2. Click on any classified to learn more.
      Click Teleport to go to the location the classified is advertising (commonly a store), or click Map to show where it is on the World Map.


    To search only classified ads:

    1. In the Second Life Search window, click the dropdown next to the search input box and change it to Classifieds.
    2. In the search box, enter a query and press Enter (or the Search button). This searches only classifieds.
    3. To browse classifieds by category, such as Employment or Property rental,select the desired category from the dropdown menu at the left of the Search window.

    To browse the classifieds, select All Categories from the Category dropdown.

    Tip: To get the most targeted results, enter search terms in the Search field and refine your search by selecting a specific category from the Classifieds Category dropdown.

    How to place a classified ad

    Classified ads are sorted by price or by relevance, depending on where they are displayed in search. The highest-paid classifieds appear on top when searching in Everything, and the most relevant classifieds appear at the top when searching in the Classifieds section.

    To create a classified:

    1. Position your avatar in the location where you want the link in the ad to teleport people to. For example, at the entrance of your store.
    2. Choose Me > Profile
    3. Select the Classifieds tab
    4. At the top, click the New... button. The Edit Classified window opens.  Fill out the fields as described below. You can edit everything about your classified, except the price, at any time.
    5. When you've filled out the fields as desired, click Publish.
      The Publishing Classified window opens.
    6. Enter the price you want to pay in Linden Dollars (L$). Higher prices are ranked higher in search (but the price paid for each classified isn't publicly shown). If you checked Auto renew each week, this is also the price you're charged each week for your classified, so make sure you have enough in your total L$ balance.
    7. Click Publish to publish your classified ad.
    8. The sidebar refreshes with a notification of what you paid, and shows your new classified under the Classifieds section of your profile.

    Important: To change the price of a classified ad, you must create a new classified and copy information from the original ad into the new one. Then, let the old classified expire by itself, or if you're sure, delete it manually. 

    If you delete a classified early, you won't receive a refund for any remaining time left on your classified listing. If you want to stop paying for a recurring classified, make sure the Auto renew each week checkbox is unchecked.

    Classified ad fields:

    Picture - By default this will have a picture of the parcel where your avatar is standing (from World > About Land).  To change it, click the picture, choose a texture (image) from your inventory, and click OK.  You can upload a new picture from your hard drive by using Build menu > Upload > Image (L$10).

    Title: By default, the parcel's name. If you are advertising a specific product rather than a location, you can change the title text appropriately.

    Description: By default, the parcel's description. You can change the text in the field if you wish. The maximum length is 256 characters. Unless you're paying very highly in a broad category like "hair" or "shoes", it is generally more useful to use keywords specific your product niche. Use relevant keywords, but don't spamdex or your listing may be removed. Keywords are "stemmed", meaning that you don't have to enter every variation. For example, a search for "dance" also searches for "dances", "danced", and "dancing". Entering a hyperlink automatically makes it clickable.

    Location: This shows the exact coordinates at which your avatar is positioned. You can always change this by moving your avatar somewhere else and clicking Set to Current Location.

    Category Select a specific category. By default, the Classifieds  tab in Search window shows all categories, but you can use a dropdown to narrow it down to one of the selections shown here.

    Content type: Classified ad content is filtered by maturity, which includes keywords consistent with search in general. Choose an appropriate maturity rating, or your classified might be removed without warning. By default, the maturity rating will be Parcel_lght_M.pngModerate or Parcel_lght_G.pngGeneral, depending on the rating of the region in which you create the classified.

    Note: If you're in an Parcel_lght_A.png Adult region, there is no option for an Adult maturity classified at this time, only General or Moderate.

    Auto renew each week - Check this box if you want this classified to run automatically and continuously without your intervention. Each week you'll be charged the price you choose for your classified after you Publish it.

    Confirming your classified ad

    Follow the instructions in How to browse and search classifieds to find your classified the same way potential customers will: by searching for keywords. If you can't find it at first, try using keywords that are more unique to your listing.

    Tip: Allow at least an hour for a classified to appear and update in search.

    How to view and edit your classified ad

    After placing a classified ad, you can edit everything except the Price for listing. Follow these steps:

    1. Select Me > Profile and click the Classifieds tab.
    2. Click a classified, then click Info at the bottom. Notice that Clicks stats are also shown.
    3. If you want to edit, click Edit at the bottom. You can edit all of the details you entered when you first placed the classified.
    4. When you're done editing, click Save at the bottom.

    Viewing classified ad statistics

    Use classified ad statistics ("stats") to see how much attention an ad is getting. 

    To see your stats, view one of your own classifieds as described above. You'll see Clicks: with stats next to it:

    • Teleport - Number of times people have clicked the Teleport button when viewing your classified shown in both the Search window and the extended Classified Info.
    • Map - Number of times people have clicked the Map button when viewing your classified, shown in the extended Classified Info.
    • Profile - Number of times people have clicked the Profile button in Find to show your classified ad.

    Only you, as the classified creator, can see these.

    How to find out how much a classified ad cost

    As an advertiser, you may want to find out how much competitors are paying for their classified ads.  To do so:

    1. Search for classifieds as described above
    2. Click a classified ad to expand it,
    3. Click the More Info button to view the full add.
    4. The Price for listing field shows the price paid for the advertisement.

    User Feedback



    I noticed today that when i try to post a classified from the new viewer or firestorm it seems after you have typed in several words or lines its limited but  then when i look or browse classifieds in the category that i use for my business in secondlife it seems its limited compare to other which can do 3 to 4 times more word then aht i can type so what wrong am i doing or what must be done to have a long classified like some other landlords or business owners in secondlife doing real longer classifieds with more keyword or lines?


    lets see if someone find out what happen here



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