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Metaverse Arts Returns to Treet TV!

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Following a pause over the winter holidays, Metaverse Arts, the show broadcast on Treet TV about art and artists in virtual worlds, is coming back with a new studio, a new format—and a new presenter, the popular artist, DJ and designer, Gwen Carillon!

Tricia Aferdita, our original presenter, continues to be involved with the show, but, as she explains, “After thinking long and hard about the number of projects I am involved in within Second Life, I realized that if I didn’t let something go, the quality of each one of them was going to suffer. I treasure the work I put into creating Metaverse Arts and am grateful for its surprising success and growing fan base.”

At the same time she has been working on Metaverse Arts, she has continued to manage an estate, run her own art gallery, write for Prim Perfect magazine, and still somehow fit in real life work, writing, and art! So when she needed to consider what aspect of her Second Life she needed to let go of, television production really has the least in common with her real life work and goals.

“It was not an easy decision to make,” Tricia says. “I love the concept of the program and seeing an episode all come together, but I feel that I cannot put the quality amount of time into it that it needs to continue to be a success.”

But she is delighted with the new plans. “I am thrilled that Gwen Carillon is going to step up to the project. I think that her personality is well suited to the style and vision that I had for the show. We chatted for quite a while about the programming and both have similar visions for what the show can accomplish and the kinds of subjects we’d like to see covered.”

And Tricia won’t be disappearing altogether! “I will continue to work with Gwen and the production staff as a consulting producer and perhaps occasionally guest host,” she explains. “I wish Gwen the best of success and hope that everyone will continue to remain a fan of the show and support its continued success. And special thanks to all the guests and fans of Metaverse Arts; you have made it a fun year and a half!”

Gwen is well known across the grid as founder of the Content Creators Association and the owner of the fabulous Elements in Design, with its amazing range of furniture, jewelery and art works. More recently, she has launched her own hugely successful clothing range, Gwen Carillon Designs. Gwen’s art has been featured in many Second Life venues and is currently on exhibit at the Aho Museum, which is part of the New Media Consortium.

When accepting the host position for Metaverse Arts, Gwen said, “Are you sure that you want me?” But it’s not hard to understand why we wanted her! Gwen feels strongly about promoting art and artists in the metaverse. “Art is a universal form of communication. It allows us to speak to one another in ways that go beyond conventional language. What better venue for artists, than the melting pot of the Metaverse? As artists, we are on the front line.”

gwen mva-studio-pic.jpg

Gwen brings to the Metaverse Arts team not only her strong background and passion in art but also her experience in the radio industry. Gwen is thrilled that Tricia Aferdita will continue to work closely with the MVA team. “Tricia has been the beating heart of Metaverse Arts. Her experience, talent, and expertise have made the show shine. I’m so glad that she will be able to stay involved! I will do my best to follow her example. Hopefully, I won’t break her show! I’m looking forward to working with such a great group of people.”

Howdy Colter is continuing as cameraman and editor of the show, and Saffia Widdershins remains as Executive Producer, but joining the show is Angie Mornington as Director. Angie is, of course, well-known for her role as Host and Producer of Fabulous Fashion on Treet.TV, but since then she has become involved behind the scenes, among other things directing Happy Hunting! She also has her own furniture store, Angie’s Home Interiors.

“I am excited about directing Metaverse Arts,” Angie says. “It will give me a chance to learn about the art community in Second Life. Gwen will be fantastic as host and I think this show will be a great success.”


The new set was a collaboration between Angie and Gwen while the new theme music – called “Curtain Call” - is by Torley Linden.

“I am very excited about the new direction,” says Saffia. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing where Gwen will be taking the show—and, of course, seeing and learning more about fabulous Second Life artists!”

The first show will be broadcast early in February when the guest will be Glyph Graves—but you’ll have to watch the show to find out what the featured gallery will be!


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4518 days.

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